Road Trip Snacks

Holy Week is upon us and so this means half of you will be on the road or traveling out of the country in the next few days. If you still want to eat healthy but still enjoy your vacation—why not consider these snack alternatives from HEALTHY OPTIONS. These are my favorites because 1) They taste GOOD!!!! 2)Although you’ll still have to eat these chips in moderation, you can be sure that they don’t have any harmful chemicals and toxic preservatives in them. 🙂

1. Pop’d Kerns
THIS IS SOOOOO ADDICTING! Don’t be deceived by the size, it comes in a small pack but it’s actually quite filling. It’s not exactly pop corn—think of it as a crunchier and tastier version. I love the ORIGINAL flavor the best…hmmm..I think I should grab a bag today!

2.  Good Health Natural Foods’ Olive Oil Potato Chips
Unlike your regular potato chip brand, these chips are cooked with Olive Oil making it much better for your heart. The Rosemary gives you a much more sophisticated flavor. You can pair these chips with a Roast Beef Sandwich or a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich!

3. Van’s Say Cheese
These Gluten Free crackers go perfectly well with Camembert and Honey!!! DRROOOOOOL!!! They are packed with nutrients too since it’s made with Oats, Brown Rice Flour, Millet, Quinoa and Amaranth.

4. Cadia’s Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips
I always munch on these babies late at night! Dip them in sour cream, cheese, or Cadia’s Mango Salsa and you will find yourself snacking all through the night!

5. Popcorners
My 2 year old niece Bella is obsessed with this brand! And the rest of the family is hooked on it too. It’s light, airy and oh so tasty! The calorie count is quite impressive too, for those who are conscious about their figure. 

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