Road Trip to Mt. Rainier


Hello there beautiful people! I’m rush-blogging in transit so this will have less words and more photos 🙂 Today, I’m just sharing snippets of our Filart Family Mountain Advenchoooooor! Mt. Rainier is about 2 hours away from Bellevue, Washington (where my Bro-in-Law and his family live) so we decided to plan a little road trip with the kids for the weekend. It was a clear and beautiful day when we got there and we were blessed to see the snow capped mountain in its full glory! 🙂 I’ll be posting more photos of our awesome AIRBNB cabin in the woods next, so stay tuned for that. P1300405 P1300410 P1300412 P1300415 P1300417P1300411 P1300467 P1300420 P1300423P1300419 P1300425 P1300426P1300444 P1300428 P1300434P1300443P1300439P1300451P1300449 P1300453

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