Rosa Clara 2014

As most of you already know I was fortunate enough to wear a Rosa Clara gown for my big day (Thanks of course to my thoughtful and generous mom who gave it as a wedding gift!!!) and so every time I encounter a bride-to-be, it always comes naturally for me to recommend the brand. Although I do understand why most Filipina brides opt to go for a trusted designer for their wedding gowns (you have more creative input, you can have something totally unique made from scratch, the whole process of designing a gown is so exciting and exhilirating for brides!), going for a ready to wear designer brand does have its share of pros too. It appealed to the low maintenance side of me that didn’t want to stress about this and that–but yet, it also gave comfort to the “I want to look like a princess” side as well because I knew I would be getting a dress that would be made of the finest material and that I was sure would fit me like a glove. After finding “THE DRESS” I finally was able to be kampante as a bride and it definitely saved me from all the guessing games and “what if the gown looks horrendous” nightmares—you fit, you fall in love, it’s magical. Damnit, I sound like a painfully romantic bride all over again. Patrick, let’s get married again?!!?! (insert faint of Patrick here!). 
Like I mentioned before, it was my good friend Nicole Hernandez-De Los Angeles who really helped me pick the perfect gown. She studied my body type, my preferences and taste, and from there she narrowed down my gown options so as not to overwhelm me. It was almost like she was some sort of psychic/matchmaker—matching the bride to the perfect dress. It’s a gift, I tell you. Hehehe! She was still working at Rosa Clara back then and very much pregnant—along with my sister in law (and BFF/partner in crime) Cecil who was carrying Natalie at the time. It was a very emotional moment for me and it was so nice to have two of my most trusted girlfriends there with me and my mom! Sheila Catilo also joined me for the second fitting and that was another senti moment for me. Here are some throwback photos that is making me miss my gown even more—huhuhuhu! But it’s okay, the gown is with Alena now and that gives me a great sense of peace knowing that someone is taking care of it 🙂 What is it with gowns and brides?!!??! Seriously?!!?? Parang tao lang?!
Fast forward to January 2014, I was invited to witness the launch of the new wedding collection of Rosa Clara. I also invited my girls Muffin and Arianna who I can’t wait to see walk down their respective aisles soon 🙂 As expected, the gowns for 2014 were all so dreamy!!! Figure flattering, dramatic, and gasp-inducing as always. The dresses were displayed on the most flawless models with the longest legs and tiniest waist lines. I was in awe of how beautiful the dresses fell on them 🙂 They were like real-life mannequins! 

But that’s the beauty of Rosa Clara, these dresses come in a multitude of sizes and silhouettes that can cater to ANY woman. So for the rest of us non-runway models—blessed with petite frames or curvier bodies–there is definitely a Rosa Clara for you. Hey, I was able to find one and I’m just 5’3 and i’ve got lots of meat in my bodehhhhh! Hahaha! They customize the alteration for you as soon as you purchase the dress so there’s a 101% that the dress will hug you the right way on your BIG DAY! Drop by Rosa Clara in Greenbelt Residences now (near Belo in Greenbelt) and schedule a fitting! Make it a fun girly activity with your mom, sisters, girlfriends too 🙂

Photos from my Smart iPhone5s

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