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When my dad loves something, he becomes obsessed. Exhibit A: Ace Hardware. Exhibit B: The 88 Peso Store. Exhibit C: Mio Cucina in Laguna. Every time I mention a new restaurant, he’d be quick to revert “Ah, mas masarap pa rin sa Mio Cucina!” or “Wala pa rin tatalo sa cheesecake in Mio Cucina!“. My mom and dad have been hard-selling Mio Cucina for years, convincing me that it would be worth the trip to Laguna. Sadly, it was always on my to-do-list and remained there. I never found the time to drive up to Laguna for a visit. Thankfully, Chef Justin Sarabia, the genius behind Mio Cucina decided to bring his Laguna total smash hits to Makati—-YEHEYYYY!!!! So now city folk like me can enjoy the best of Liliw, Laguna in Legaspi Village. It’s located right next to 7-11 along Rada street so you won’t miss it 🙂

We got there just before the lunch crowd arrived (I suggest you make reservations as it can get quite packed) and it smelled soooooo good! Not in a “there’s something cooking in the kitchen” kind of good but a mabango, presko, malinis kind of good which to me is such a PLUS! The restaurant was flawless, chairs and tables so neatly organized, even the bathroom was immaculate. For a tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, their cleanliness and tasteful interiors definitely impressed me.

So we ordered a few appetizers, 3 ulams, guyabano shake, and dessert….ALL WINNERS. Wow. My dad of course had a big grin, he was so pleased with himself and had that smug “I told you so!” look on his face! And well, yeah, he was RIGHT. The food was really good and memorable and I’ll be back again soon with my Pinoy food loving husband. So if you’re looking for Pinoy comfort food that’s a bit more creative than the usual cafeteria, drop by Rural Kitchen in Legaspi Village!

 YOU MUST ORDER THIS. These crispy squidlings were inhaled within seconds. Ang saraaaaaap.

Portobello Buns. A vegetarian cuapao-like dish that is really delicious!!!


An old school favorite, Ginataang Gulay.


My lunch break dates, the parentals. Aside from the veggies, we also ordered Pork Binagoongan. P1250050Lapu Lapu at Mangga is a great dish for those who want something light and a bit on the healthier side.

Ginataang Tutong. It was my first time to try this dessert. The first spoonful leaves you curious then it slowly grows on you.

P1250059P1250085 P1250069IMG_0189

The winner!!! Bread Pudding with Ice Cream and Banana. Ayyyyy, Pag-Ibig.P1250077P1250081

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  1. Hi Ms Patty,

    I’d been an avid reader of your blog, but it’s my first time to post something here.. :)All because of the magic words “Mio Cucina”! Im from Los Banos Laguna though not a native of the place (dito lng ako nag aral ng college and eventually found job here) and I am glad to hear that your Dad raves about Mio Cucina… 🙂 My friends celebrate special occasions there,because of its homey ambiance and really great food! I do hope you could visit Mio soon!

    God bless you more! 🙂

  2. This is one of things that I like whenever I read your blog. I get to check new places/restos that I can try na malapit lang. My family should dine to this resto soon. Thank you Ms Patty 🙂

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