Secret Fresh X Dimensione X Magis

Last week I hosted another revolutionary art event in one of my favorite stores in the metro, Dimensione. You all know I’m a big fan of home decor and all things related to interior design, so Dimensione has been my Disneyland for many years. I love how Ben Chan (and his team of young creatives) has managed to elevate the Filipino taste by introducing high quality and world class furniture. Speaking of world class, one of the most famous lines that Dimensione exclusively carries is MAGIS. Known worldwide for their seamless and stylish designs, the MAGIS line is for the homeowner with impeccable taste and a penchant for the finer things in life.  

Finnish designer, Mr. Eero Aarnio is one of the many great designers under the brand MAGIS. Mr. Eero Aarnio began experimenting with plastics, vivid colors and organic form, breaking away from traditional design conventions. Mr. Eero Aarnio is the designer of the Famous MAGIS Puppy Chair. This frolic and abstract dog qualifies perfectly as stool or toy and is suited for indoor as well as outdoor use. The Puppy Chair has 4 sizes, small, Medium, large and extra large, and comes in the colors Orange, Green, White, a glow in the dark puppy chair, and a limited year of the dragon edition, Gold.
To give the PUPPY DOG a Filipino twist, Dimensione together with Secret Fresh Gallery unveiled 8 distinct Puppy Chairs designed by true blue Pinoys. These 8 puppy chairs were assigned to 8 different contemporary artists and are now sold at the Dimensione Boni High Street branch.
· Electrolychee with their puppy design called “Upo’ng otso sinkwenta lamang” 

· Jagnus Design with their puppy called “Stray” 

· Farley Del Rosario with “The Green Guardian” 

· Mimi Tecson with “Rally” 

· Whoop with “Tattoo” 

· Wesley Valenzuela with “Sta. Cruz” 

· Tripp 63 with “The Anti-monochrome puppy’ 

· Nemo Aguila with “Ponkan”

Text and Images provided by Dimensione. Special thanks to Cisco Lumbad.

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