SEDA Nuvali with the Girls

Before I face this long work day, allow me to share some photos from our mid-week “takas” to the South. My girlfriends Stella, Sheila and I (along with their kids and my belly! We’re still a package deal as of one-take one pa! hehehe) have been planning this staycation for months now but with our crazy schedules it was close to impossible to lock down a date. After numerous failed attempts, we finally pegged a date and I’m so glad we were able to push through. It’s always, ALWAYS, a good idea to detach yourself from work and make time for things that really matter—like girlfriend bonding! Hehehe 🙂 On a weekday (and same goes for weekend mornings), it’s a relatively smooth and quick drive to Nuvali from the metro. Before checking in, I had to finish a lot of things on my to-do list so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it on time. But surprise, surprise! I made it from the Fort to Nuvali in just 40 minutes! Incredible! That’s just like a regular trip from the Fort to Makati at rush hour. And in just 40 minutes, I was greeted by the crisp and pristine air of Sta. Rosa and my lungs (and baby’s too!) were already thanking me. Everything just feels so fresh and so clean down south, I do hope it stays this way foreverrrrrr!

SEDA Nuvali is part of the award-winning SEDA group of hotels.Seda Nuvali is part of the Nuvali eco-city development in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It affords stunning views of the lake, overlooking structures that blend perfectly with natural landscapes evoking a serene, resort-like environment.” Although this is really a go-to hotel for business travelers in the area, it’s quickly becoming a family favorite because of all the amenities it has to offer. Located just steps away from the mall, restaurants, wake park, etc. you won’t run out of activities to try. The rooms are very spacious and well decorated. I had a suite all to myself and I could literally do cartwheels inside! Haha. We also enjoyed the food—their menu features a good mix of Filipino, Asian, Western cuisine.

So below you’ll see all our happy photos from my camera and Sheila’s camera. You know the drill—-the good ones, with perfect lighting and composition are obviously from Mrs. Catilo and the ones that are trying their very, very, very best are from Mrs. Filart. Hahahaha! Thanks Sheila for always taking such wonderful photos, we’re so lucky to have you and have all these beautiful memories! Feel free to book a room or two or three by visiting 🙂 Happy Anniversary again to SEDA NUVALI and thank you Erin, Denise and the rest of the awesome staff for making us feel so at home! And thank you Sheila for arranging this staycation for us 🙂 🙂

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20150311_027020150311_0162Oh and before I check back into the real world—I just wanted to mention that our easy breezy tops and dresses are all from ELIN! Yep, all three of us are now ELIN fangirls. I discovered this brand a few weeks ago and I’ve been in heaven ever since. Their fabrics are so light and soft, perfect for Manila weather! And they’re very forgiving and figure flattering too 🙂 It’s funny how we’ve found ourselves in 3 different seasons of motherhood—I’m going through pregnancy, Sheila just gave birth 4 months ago to her 3rd child, and Stella is enjoying her toddler&preschooler. And yet, all three of us love our ELIN clothes–only goes to show it can journey with you through any season of motherhood. You can visit to order online. Thanks again Martina for sending these comfy pieces for us to wear!

To my dear girlaloos, Sheila and Stella, THANK YOU for being my most textmates, confidantes, prayer partners, chikamates, cheerleaders, etc etc etc. This pregnancy has been such a wonderful journey because I have wonderfully supportive and encouraging friends like you!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. hi Patty, if you don’t mind…may I know what size do you wear in Elin? (i.e. the black sleeveless maxi dress) Thanks!

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