Sentro of Attention

Remember a few posts back I thanked a whole kaboodle of people who have been helping us with our wedding preps? Well, here are some photos featuring a big chunk of our happy wedding helpers! They have overextended themselves to us just to make our dream wedding a reality. We wanted to throw a thanksgiving dinner for our friends and so we picked SENTRO at Serendra. We’re all big eaters so I knew I had to pick a comfort food kind of place for this group! Hahaha! I’ve heard so much about this proudly Pinoy restaurant but never really had the chance to dine here. It was a first for most of us so we were really giddy about trying their dishes. I asked Sentro to prepare a selection of their best sellers and we were all satisfied with the Chef’s recommendations. 
Images taken with an Iphone. 
Patrick and I eat out ALL THE TIME but I only share our dining experiences in my blog when it’s really worth talking about. I’m not a food critic or a professional food writer, so I don’t have the fancy adjectives to describe each dish. So I am simply writing from one takaw foodie to another. Masarap talaga ang pagkain nila, tsong!!! My camera was not completely cooperating with me that evening so I asked for some photos from SENTRO. Here’s what we had for dinner last Sunday (with free flowing Sago’t Gulaman of course!). Just writing this post is making me want to drive to Serendra again. I don’t care if it’s 8AM! Gusto ko ng Kesong Puti Balls!!!! 
Fried Kesong Puti Balls. Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls. Sizzling Tofu.
Crispy Pork Ribs.Spinach and Glass Noodles. Sinigang na Corned Beef. 
Catfish Sentro Style. Rated GG. Squash Blossoms.
Fried Suman and Mangoes. Coffee Pie. Keso Flan with Itlog na Maalat and Queso de Bola. 

Patty and Friends’ TOP 5 SENTRO FAVORITES:
We started our meal with this appetizer and it was superb! This is the perfect pica-pica! I could eat this all day while watching Suits or Newsroom. Hahaha.

This surprised me!! It’s a vegetarian version of the classic sisig. Coming from a meat eater, it did not disappoint. It was just as filling and tasty as its pork counterpart.

I loved this dish. Kumbaga sa UAAP, ikaw si Kiefer Ravena. You’re a winner and you know it! Hahaha! The fish was cooked so perfectly, it melted in my mouth!

No wonder this is NUMBER ONE on the menu. It’s the ultimate confort food!!! Just the right amount of asim. I can imagine having a bowl of this sinigang on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Girls, I’m sure you have those salty-sweet-salty-sweet cravings when you’re PMSing. Here’s the ULTIMATE dessert for you! Boys, take note–I might just be saving your relationships! I cannot even begin to describe this dessert. You have to taste it yourself. It looks like a weird concoction at first but once you try it you’ll be surprised to discover that it actually works.

My friends and I had a little feeling food critics (kuno) moment after our meal. Everyone was so happy with how the meals felt contemporary, very current with the times, yet with flavors that are still very traditional. They serve food that can be easily accepted (for lack of a better term) by a foreigner or balikbayan but at the same time offer the comfort of home cooked meals to a regular Pinoy like me who loves old school ulam. The food is far from pretentious, very straightforward with flavors that are spot on. I’ll definitely be dining here again soon. 

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  1. Patty! Is it the first time you guys tried Sentro?? Jorem and I eat there all the time!! Best Filipino food EVERRRR!!! Try their ginataang tilapia next time! Gaaaah, now I want to eat there again… 😛