Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats

A few weeks back, I had the privilege of attending a special LEARNING WORKSHOP entitled “Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats” along with other blogger moms and dads.  It was hosted by PROMIL® Four in partnership with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE), featuring experts in the field of Developmental Pediatrics, Clinical Psychology, Obstetrics, Health & Wellness, Arts, and Nutrition.

We all gathered first to listen in on the very informative and insightful presentations of Dr. Christia Padolina (Ob-gyne, Associate Professor, UERM), Dr. Tippy Tanchanco ( Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician) and Dr. Leticia Ho (President and Founder, Philippine Center for Gifted Education) before separating into different groups for our workshops.

“According to Dra. Leticia Ho, Clinical Psychologist/Neurotherapist and President of Philippine Center for Gifted Education, the future will be different for children. In the face of an ever-changing world, they will need to learn a different set of skills. The best period to nurture these abilities lies in the crucial first 1,000 days of the child, starting with the mother’s pregnancy. It is during these days that the child responds and adapts to different interventions. 

“A child’s development results from an ongoing and cumulative process of nurturing. This means that your child’s brain development can be affected by both environmental and intrinsic factors,” added Ho. “This event aims to educate the parents on the proper tools and approach to help shape their child’s gift. With the proper parenting, proper stimulation, and proper nutrition we believe that your child can reach his full potential.”

I was able to attend one of the 3 activities highlighted for the day. The 3 activities offered to the parents at the PROMIL® Four’s Learning Workshop were based on the 3 learning zones of a child: physical, mental, and socio-emotional development. We were all encouraged to slip into the shoes of a 4-5 year old for the day and as a former preschool teacher, it was is much fun to act like a kid again. Curious, Observant, Excited, Easy Going, and Open Minded! Often times, as we grow older our thirst for learning is often dampened by the rigours of everyday life, work stress, issues with finances, relationships, etc. It felt good to be carefree and welcoming as a child all over again. To see the world with the eyes of a child was so refreshing!

“The physical activity focused on the importance of growth and immunity to strengthen physical agility through a yoga class. As a productive meditation activity, it showed how yoga can stimulate body movement and sensory experiences for children. It also promotes multi-dimensional learning as it encourages balance and coordination, focus and concentration, mind and body connection, and self-awareness and mindfulness.

Meanwhile, the mental activity featured an art workshop developed to encourage recognition and memory. This activity focused on bringing the experience on how art can develop a child’s memory through storytelling and painting while inculcating repetitive practices and rhythms.

Lastly, the camp also has a social activity, through a giant block game, focused on the need of being socially adept for better learning. It underlined how an imaginative game can promote strong leadership qualities in children through imagination, communication, and collaboration.

Meanwhile, PROMIL® Four’s Learning Camp also emphasized the importance nutrition plays in supporting a child’s advanced learning abilities. “Proper nutrition plays an essential role in your child’s brain development. With the right nutrients, it can further support a child’s advanced learning abilities,” added Ma. Neva Luna Batayola, Medical Director. 

To end the event, Dra. Leticia Penano-Ho, President of Phil Center for Gifted Education gave a key take away message and that is “Every child has the talent which can be a Gift if discovered and nurtured early. It is the parent’s role to make the child’s talent reach his full potential, or else that gift could just be there untapped and undiscovered.” 

Thanks again to PROMIL FOUR and Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE) for inviting me to this inspiring and engaging workshop 🙂 It really opened my eyes to a lot of things as a mother to Theo and to our baby #2 who is due in April. Thank you for empowering more and more Filipino families!


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