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A little Patty trivia: I hold my pen in a very odd way. It’s something people are quick to observe when they notice me write. This is also how I hold my utensils, chopsticks, even how I write with chalk on the board. I always joke that the reason why my grip looks odd was because no one bothered to correct me when I was a kid “di kasi ako pinapansin sa school!” hahaha! But the truth is, it was because my fingers were badly mangled because of a skin allergy I developed. My skin was peeling all over, it was flaky and raw, mahapdi at makati at the same time. I would soak my fingers in a special solution for about 30 minutes each day—it smelled like rotten egg and I dreaded it. Thankfully, my skin ailments have disappeared and I just have a few bouts of eczema attacks which are all manageable at this point.

As a new mom, I really stressed about passing this on to Theo. I’d rather he get my topak humor or my awkward dancing rather than these uncomfortable and sometimes painful skin issues! He’s only 11 months old now so it’s still too early to tell what he will or will not develop in the coming years so all I can do now is be vigilant and hopeful too. So this is one of the reasons why signing with Belo Baby was more than just another endorsement deal, but really a proactive decision as a mom. I wanted to choose to align myself with a brand I can actually use on my son’s skin. As I’ve mentioned before, what convinced me to get on board was the promise that there would be no harmful gunk touching my baby’s skin. That’s 100% natural ingredients and ZERO harmful chemicals! I happily lather the face and body lotion on Theo every morning and after his evening rub down. The product is absorbed well by his fragile skin and it doesn’t leave chunks or streaks. And because summer has been so unkind—it’s not at all heavy and sticky on the skin. It doesn’t add to the pawis! Hahaha! All the mamas in the house can relate! 🙂


As a gift to all you awesome mommies out there, I am treating 3 MOMS (and their bubbas)!!! I am giving away these beautifully wrapped gift sets filled with Belo Baby products! I’ve given a few to my mama girlfriends and they all loved it. So I figured it would be good to share to my darling readers as well. 🙂 I hope that YOU too will be moms to happy BELO BABIES soon! Here are the easy mechanics (it’s actually an excuse for me to see all your cute tots!! Hehehe! Pagbigyan niyo nalang ako and please participate. Hahaha)

  1. Follow @pattylaurel AND @belobabylove on Instagram.
  2. Post a picture of you and your baby doing a warm and tight #BELOBABY hug! Gigil levels!!! Be sure to tag me and add the hashtag #BeloBabyHUG 🙂 The more entries, the more chances of winning!
  3. I will select 3 winners and notify you directly on your IG posts by June 14 and we will ship the goodies to you! This is open to those with a Philippine address.


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