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So it was a toss up between filing this under “Patty’s Picks” or “Gerbil Adventures”. All because, this seems more like a travel post! Hahahaha! Since I’m a probiinsyano who lives down SOUTH, right on the edge of Alabang, straddling the demarcation line—traveling to LANDERS SUPERSTORE (on Edsa Balintawak) was quite literally a road trip for our little family. But because I’ve been hearing nothing but raves from my #BabyBarangay girls who visited last June, I was determined to take the journey all the way up north just for the Landers experience. So we braved the traffic and didn’t let the horrible weather get in the way of our scheduled Landers’ visit. Waze gave me an estimate of 1 hour and 27 minutes of travel time from our house to Landers, so we hit the road around 9:15AM to make sure that Theo would be napping happily in the car. (He usually naps from 9:00-11:00AM and again between 2:00-4:00PM. Hooray for his predictable naps–it makes me plot out the day with ease! I know this will soon change as he grows bigger so I am relishing every moment of this awesome schedule. Please don’t change, please don’t change, repeat 10x)

Traffic was surprisingly kinder than expected and our baby slept like—a baby. HAHAHA. Literal. As soon as we entered the parking lot, Pat and I let out a huge “WOOOOOW. Ang laki!” and the gasping continued as soon as we made it through the entrance. It lives up to it’s SUPERSTORE title indeed. Big, spacious, airy, clean, modern, organized. And with a bevy of brands, both local and imported (mostly from US, Australia, Canada)—you will go absolutely bonkers with the selection. You’ll find everything and anything–from your favorite chocolates, chips, wine, cheese, cold cuts, organic fruits, vegetables, baked goods, sporting goods, trash bins, appliances, electronics, etc etc etc. It would take me forever to go through their inventory.

Theo was in full energizer bunny mode since he was fully recharged from his nap, so he was walking and running through the aisles of Landers. He had a BLAST!!! It was a struggle trying to yank him out of the store, he just wanted to live in Landers forever. Hahaha! Your kids will enjoy shopping here and there’s an amazing food area with all the good old comfort food you can imagine–from hotdogs to pizza, french fries to fried chicken. But my absolute fave would have to be their Baked Chicken Roll. Total Yumness.

Oh and getting a membership card was a breeze! Painless and quick for all new customers. If you live up North, lucky you!!! You can avail of their special discount of 20% off on the membership fee until September 15. They will also be opening soon in Otis, so watch out for that. Dear Landers, Please open a branch in ALABANG SOON!!! PLEASE! PLEASE!!! Here are some quick snapshots from our shopping trip 🙂

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