Shopping for Southern Belles

I’m a true Southern Belle. A proud Southerner. And by Southerner, I dont mean it in a Louisiana kind of way…but more of like a Paranaque-Las Pinas-Alabang kind of a Southerner. Hahaha 🙂 I’ve posted this on twitter before, but as an ode to my city of Muntinlupa…let me dedicate this new song by Patrick Stump! Kudos on the weight loss and new fierce look by the way, Mr. Stump! Gone are his Fall Out Boy days. Every time this song plays on the radio, I keep singing it out loud and try to put the word “Muntinlupa” in between the lyrics! The last time I did this was when I changed Katy Perry’s CALIFORNIA GIRLS to my own version “Mun-tin-lu-pa girls, we’re undeniable! Daisy dukes, t shirt, and flip-flops!” Such a sad attempt to make another pop song mine. Hahaha 🙂

One of my best friends, Kathleen, is also a fellow Alabanger. She’s the quintessential South chick, with her laid back boho-chic fashion. South girls are usually in shorts, tank tops and flip flops..or rocking a sweet sun dress even at night! Think The OC-Laguna Beach-Hollywood Hills. You’ll never ever be caught dead in an all black sophisticated ensemble with pearls and killer pumps in the South, na-ah..snap, snap, sister! We’re the land of flowers, trees, and bees…the air is cleaner and even the sun shines brighter in the South which is why we love to dress up in bright, cheery colors. 🙂

Kathleen’s birthday is in a few days, so I decided to treat her to a little shopping spree. Since I’ve been hearing from friends that SM SOUTHMALL in Las Pinas just recently launched it’s new fashion wing, we decided to set our Saturday date here to find out what all the buzz was about. Kathleen and I have been frequenting Southmall since we were kids, but mostly just to visit the department store to pick up our socks, underwear, toiletries, etc. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that our beloved Southmall is much more chic and sophisticated nowadays! The new wing is now home to a lot of our favorite fashion brands like G by Guess,Nine West, Cache-Cache, Charles and Keith, La Senza, Promod, All Flip Flops, Parfois, Terranova, Accessorize, and the newcomer from London, Peacocks! Yippppeeee! It was such a big sigh of relief for me and Kathleen, no more long drives (and killer toll fees) to Makati or Pasig just to shop!!! Finally, these chic finds are just 15 minutes away from Alabang. Here are some snippets from our shopping date….

London brand Peacocks is finally here in Manila! And guess what, this Peacocks branch in Southmall is the first in Manila and the first in Asia too! I think this is my new fave bargain spot, the clothes are very affordable and stylish too! Kathleen got her “birthday sandals” here 🙂
For all the bag and wallet lovers, Parfois is a store for you. They also have a wide selection of accessories, from bangles, earrings, necklaces, and hats!

Promod has been my go-to-store for scarves for years!!! I love their scarves!!!:) They also have really unique maxi dresses, tailored capris, and cute tank tops that come in different candy colors!

Calling all Southern belles out there,
I’ve got a fun shopping promo for all of you! 
1.    Drop by the new fashion wing of SM Southmall and visit any of the following stores: G by Guess, Nine West, Cache-Cache, Charles and Keith, La Senza, Promod, Terranova, Parfois, 
    Accessorize, All Flip Flops and Peacocks.
2.    Pick YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM ITEM in any of these stores and snap a photo.

3.    Tell me why this particular item caught your attention and why you’re DYING to own it. Make your answers short and sweet, please 🙂

4.    Send your photo+answer to

5.    Click LIKE on the Facebook button below this post and LIKE on the Southmall Facebook page.
Be sure you follow the instructions carefully, girlies! If I like your creative answer, I might just give you a gift certificate for you to purchase that dream item of yours! So send in your entries on or before September 30, 2011. Happy Shopping!


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