Show Some Love for LOVE!

I was scrolling through my FB timeline the other day and I came across an article with a title that sort of suggests that people who are “showy” about their relationships online are the most insecure ones. Of course, I didn’t bother to read it because 1)Not everything you read on the internet is based on facts or actual studies 2)Sometimes you have to filter the things that you read because it can really impact your day, your week, even your life if you’re not careful 3)I was having a really crazy work week so my free time to browse the net was scarce and valuable, so instead of reading a downer I chose to use my free time wisely by checking out my friend’s baby pictures instead! Hahaha!

Then I thought about that article yet again and tried to ponder on the title some more. Because I didn’t read the full article, I am not writing based on the content of the article but just about how I felt when I came across the title. (Who knows, maybe the article might have had some valid points. When I have more free time to spare, I’ll dig it up again.)

It just got me thinking..Have we become a society that shames people and their way of expressing their love? I do agree that some may be a bit over the top—even I have my gag limit and I’m a naturally cheesy person already. Hahaha! Some posts are just too much to take in, sometimes you just wish you never read that painfully awkward post with too much information. BUT…It’s a free country and it’s their free space, so if that’s how they want to deal with their relationship then they have a right to do so and it’s really not our place to judge anyone. 

In the same way I respect someone who opts to be private about their relationship, keeping the details hush-hush, not posting photos, and just enjoying the relationship quietly—I will have to respect the person who likes to go loud and broadcast his/her love in 1,000 daily selfies. I won’t necessarily like it (hehehehe) but I’ll have to respect it and leave them be. Pare-pareho lang naman tayong umiibig, we just love in different ways 🙂

Each person is unique, therefore, each person loves uniquely. As long as there’s mutual respect, loyalty and genuine care present in a relationship—then I’m all for it. And I don’t think an FB article should police the way people express their love for their spouses, their life partners, their children, their parents and make hasty generalizations. I shouldn’t have to be pressured both ways—either to be forced to post a lovey-dovey picture just to show I’m in love or to NOT post a lovey-dovey picture just to show I’m not “insecure”.

I love my husband and I love honoring, appreciating, and encouraging him both privately and publicly. There are things that feel special when said just with an early morning whisper, with just an audience of one. And yet there are things that are meant to be declared to the world, things that would bring honor and delight to the person I love the most. 

There are days when I like to just show my love to my parents through a private email, quiet with no buzz. Then there are days when I just want to express my gratitude to them publicly through my blog, just because. 

Both expressions are equally meaningful and intentional, both expressions are sincere. And I don’t think my parents or Patrick will question one over the other since they know me, they know my love for them, and so any manner of execution will be received well. And I feel that way towards their expressions of love too. 

I think we’ve all grown so anti-everything that it has become so disheartening. Let’s just quit all the  bashing and go back to just being PRO-LOVE. It sounds so corny but the RESET button needs to be hit. Be it the “SHHHHH” let’s keep it quiet and simple kind of LOVE or the SHOUT IT OUT kind of LOVE—both are incredible, amazing, and equally kakakilig!!! We all deserve a bit of happiness in our lives and we shouldn’t waste our time shaming others and questioning motives. Eh kung mahal niya yung asawa niya, eh di mahal niya! Eh kung cute yung baby niya, eh ‘di cute siya! Let’s just be happy for the people who have found LOVE in their lives and be thankful for the LOVE we have received too! 🙂 🙂 Like they always say, walang basagan ng trip PARE! Hahaha!

5 Responses to Show Some Love for LOVE!

  1. Thank you so much, Ate Patty for writing this. I love you forever. *tears*

    P.S. I’ve read the article and halos same po tayo ng stand.

  2. First time to comment ever.. You are absolutely right. Articles posted nowadays just have so much unnecessary aggression and some of it is even inviting people to feel the same or worse makes people bad about themselves. I am not showy with my husband when it comes to social media but to say that people who are showy is insecure it just wrong. Yun na ba agad yung conclusion dun? At the end of the day, we make our choices and decisions based on how it fit OUR lives and not for the lives of others.

  3. “I think we’ve all grown so anti-everything that it has become so disheartening.”

    Very well said, Ms. Patty! It’s like anything you say/do/post will always be criticized either in-the-face or behind the back. Of course there are limits in everything we do, but you got it right, we should just respect each and every ones personal space. I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with wanting to express your love and appreciation or honor your loved one publicly, as long as it doesn’t cause harm or scandal to the general public.

    The society we live in has become so negative that people would rather stay quiet just to avoid any fuss. It’s sad. Really. Anyway, great post! I hope your thinking will influence people for a better world 🙂