Show some loving for our homegrown talents!

Rewind. Still a very wide-eyed 19 year old college kid, I received a phone call from MTV that changed my life forever. Because of this phone call, a 45 year old ME will hopefully bump into a 55 year old Carson Daly and say…”Hey buddy! Hey pal! I was an MTV VJ too, y’know!!! Representing the Philippine Islands! Magka-level tayo tsong!!!”. Of course, he’d be on the 100th season of The Voice..while I’d be on my 100th trip to the Principal’s office saying “I’m really sorry Mr. Principal, nagmana po sa tatay.” I remember meeting Donita Rose years after our VJ-ing days and praying to God that she’d remember me! I was so worried she’d go “Oh yeah, I remember were an intern, right?” Hey, it’s friggin’ Donita Rose..if she said she remembered me from her grade school in the States, a school I’ve never even set foot in, I’d still be kilig! 🙂 But thankfully, she DID remember and today I consider her one of my dearest friends. Sabi ko sa inyo, sikat ako nung panahon..kayo talaga wala kayong tiwala sa celebrity street cred ko eh! Former Shizzzzniiiiiit ito mga kapatid, Shiiiiz-niiiit. I put the INIT in SHIIIIZZZNIT!:)

My MTV days were indeed exciting times. I met so many interesting people, mostly musicians of course–from the upcoming artists to musical legends. Prior to MTV, I was already a big music lover, but my experience in the music industry made me even more aware of all the wonderfully talented Filipinos in the scene. Since then, I’ve been a big supporter of homegrown talents and even if I’m no longer a veejay, I still try my best to promote local artists as much as I can.

Sadly, I was never blessed with a good singing voice (I guess God decided to bless me with killer looks and brains nalang, hayyyy,you can’t have it all daw…ang malas ko naman! HAHAHAHA kapal!) so I’ve always been on the listening end. But what I do realize is that WE the listeners, the fans, the active audience are responsible for the success of each musician. Without US, these musicians won’t have careers! They won’t have gigs to play, they won’t have songs to put on the airwaves, they won’t be inspired to come up with lyrics and harmonies if they don’t have an audience to sing their songs to. So yes, WE matter. You and I can create a huge impact in the music scene!

So let’s not wait for Oprah or Ellen to discover local talents for US. Let’s make the initiative and do our part, let’s promote our own Filipino musicians! Pasikatin natin sila dito at pasikatin natin sila sa buong mundo 🙂 If your MP3 playlist is 99% comprised of International artists, why not leave a few gigabytes for some local musicians too? And don’t stop there, spread the word! If you discover a talented Pinoy, post it on Facebook, Twitter, drop a few encouraging comments on their Youtube channels! If you’re based abroad, tell all your friends about the Filipino musicians you’ve discovered..send them links or play their music at a Friday night gathering. Your small gestures can do so much to boost the Pinoy music scene.

Speaking of local acts, here are 3 artists I’m loving right now!:) A few posts back I’ve already featured the luscious electro-pop diva, Amber Davis. Today, I’m also sharing a catchy dance track by Brenan and also a light and airy song by Julianne.  I urge you to watch these music videos and if you’d like to share the positivity online, take a few seconds to share them on your FB, Twitter, etc pages! For all our kababayans abroad, ipagmalaki niyo na ‘tong World Class Pinoy performers to all your friends and relatives there as well!:)

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