Silly Song of the Week

Pointless but BAYUTIPUL. 
Here’s a song I invented while we were chilling at the beach yesterday. Pat has begged me to stop singing this song because his ears have been bleeding since yesterday…but I CAN’T!!! The world must hear my beautiful voice, it’s my gift to all mankind! I’m sure Jessica Sanchez can totally relate, gets niya ako! The inspiration for this song is the island, and it’s chicken and trees, and me (OF COURSE!!! Hello, I am sooooo inspiring!!!) 🙂 

13 Responses to Silly Song of the Week

  1. Think before we click, this video is disturbing and addicting. I clicked it 18x. hahahaha

  2. LSS for the week.:)) Island chicken, island chicken, islaaaand chickeeeen! Aaaaaaah.

  3. whahaha;) I really broke out into a thunderous laughter. . .pointless yet so entertaining. Can’t believe it I almost played it for an NthXX. The lil’ kids here at home are also singing it. hahaha #Island. . .is now playing by pattylaurel
    what could be the best title for this song?? hmmn

  4. I thought you were singing “I love chicken, I love this boy” narealize ko lang that it’s “island” at the part “island girl” hahahaha