Singapore Day 3

They say 30 is the new 20, well, in my case 30 is the new 10!!! I felt like a ten year old today at Universal Studios! Pictures overload in 3-2-1! What a fun day with RG, Marge, Jen..and oh that bearded fella with a green cap who just randomly tagged along. He was awfully touchy-feely, always hugging and kissing me—who are you?!?!! Hehehe!

I’m so happy we now have a decently sized theme park in our region—and the rides are all LEGIT!!! By legit, I mean not the school fair caterpillar, hahaha! I mean actual rides and attractions for kids of all ages. So legit in fact that I am now suffering from a stiff neck because of the CYLON roller coaster ride! I highly recommend paying a bit extra for an Express pass though so you could cut the lines and enjoy more rides! It’s a bit pricey at roughly 100SGD a pop (for entrance+express) but it’s definitely worth saving up for! I’m so glad we braved the haze for this! 


Thank you Universal Studios for giving us enough distractions that allowed us to forget the haze for a couple of hours! And thanks again to SUITEBLANCO for my comfortable outfit for today’s theme park day: 1) skinny royal blue jeans that flatter my short legs 2) breathable black top with white animal prints and a simple beaded neckline, and of course my favorite (obvious ba???) coral necklace which I just had to wear again today!:) 

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