Singapore Day Two

If Day One was all about basking in the view of the city, our Second Day in Singapore was all about COLOR! Lots and lots of COLOR! This is probably the most colorful blog entry from our 4 day holiday. Just scroll a bit further down and you’ll nod in agreement 🙂 Again, you’ll see photos from STB’s official photographer Andrew Chua in this entry–mixed with my personal pictures from my  humble point and shoot. Basta yung magagandang litrato galing kay Mr. Chua and the so-so ones are by yours truly, hihihihi 🙂 Oh and Thanks again to Suiteblanco for all our clothes 🙂 🙂

After a big breakfast, we made our way to the GARDENS BY THE BAY. As their site describes it, “Spanning 101 hectares, this award-winning horticultural attraction houses over 250 thousand rare plants and is just a five-minute walk from the city.” I’m not exactly blessed with a green thumb—-but I do love plants!!! I love trees, I love flowers, I love bees (as long as they keep to their pollination route and away from me of course! Hahaha!) I recall reading Kelly‘s post about this a few months ago so I made a special request to visit this site first thing in the morning. It’s a huge complex and if you’re not pressed for time, you could spend an entire day here. The whole mechanism behind the Gardens by The Bay is so fascinating–it will make your inner nerd so kilig. If you want to read more about their efforts to keep it as sustainable as possible, click here. My favorites include The Flower Dome with thousands of plants from all over the world (“Air is cooled at the lower occupied zones through chilled water pipes in ground slabs, while warm air is vented out at the top”)  and The Cloud Forest (with it’s own indoor waterfall!). The Super Trees are also worth visiting especially if you have kids joining you. 

Our tour guide Toon Teng was kind enough to explain to us the significance of having an elaborate establishment like the Gardens by the Bay. Singaporeans are proud to be green (not the Lasallian kind of green), meaning every very little thing that they do has to be eco-friendly and contribute to their  vision of making Singapore the world’s GREENEST country in the world. Even greener than Greenland?! Now that’s seriously GREEN! Hahahaha!:) 

According to an article written by Mr. Larry Loh for CNN Travel, “Garden City by name, Garden City by nature. We take the green stuff so seriously, we’re known as the Garden City. The development of Singapore as a Garden City was a vision put forward by former Prime Minister (and now Minister Mentor) Lee Kuan Yew way back in 1968, just after our independence, to integrate the environment with urban development and soften the effects of a concrete jungle. Now, there are trees along every road and parks in every estate. Just ask any visiting tourist what’s their first impression of Singapore. Go on, we challenge you.” 

This state of mind is truly remarkable and something I truly wish for my own country too. It’s never too late to implement changes in our system and to adapt a new mindset—here’s to working together for a greener Philippines in 2014!!! We can definitely follow our Singaporean friends’ footsteps 🙂

After the green immersion at the Gardens by The Bay, we dropped by the very vibrant and busy streets of Haji Lane. For the shutterbugs out there, this is definitely a place you should allot at least an hour or two for. It’s a lane filled with quirky restos and colorful shops, I guarantee you’ll be taking lots of selfies here! Hehehe! We had sandwiches and drinks at CAD Cafe (CAD stands for Coffee, Art, and Design) before heading back to the hotel for a quick nap. 
In all our trips (locally and abroad), there are two things that Patrick is very mindful of to tame the wifezilla in me: 1)That I have access to GOOD food at all times–this means I need to eat 3 main meals and have snacks in between too! Once I cross the threshold and the hunger pangs attack—I turn into a monster!! GRRR! 2)I must take a break in between activities—more specifically, I need my nap time! And NO, I am not a two year old toddler. I just like taking naps. It’s a luxury I’m not able to enjoy when I’m on my regular work sched—so when I’m on holiday, it’s something I really treat myself too. Good Food and Good Naps! Hahaha! So I was so appreciative of the 2 hour breaks that the Singapore Tourism Board plotted out in the itineraries for each day–it was so thoughtful of them really. When I’m able to take quick breaks and recharge/freshen up a bit, I have more energy to do more tours and activities. 

After our break time at the hotel, we dropped by ION on Orchard to snap a few holiday photos. Orchard in the BER months is absolutely delightful because the whole shopping street is dotted with Christmas lights and decors. I was able to drop by Saturday by Kate Spade and Patrick got me a really nice hand bag!!! Weeee!!! 🙂 🙂
From Orchard, we made our way to Riders Cafe which is just a quick 15 minute drive from Orchard. Located at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club, this is a favorite resto for equestrians, polo players and regular foodies. It’s quite popular for their brunch specials but it’s actually quite romantic at dinner time too. I really enjoyed our meals here—comfort food that hits the spot, generous servings and adequately priced. The standout dish for me was their honeycomb caramel brioche—It was love at first bite!!! And the restaurant manager was a Pinoy so we enjoyed chatting him up too! Patrick and I just love meeting kababayans  during our trips abroad!:)
So that wraps up DAY TWO of our Singapore Getaway. For more details about the places we visited and how you can plan your own holiday, click 🙂 Days 3 and 4 will be up on the site soon!!!:) Thanks again to the Singapore Tourism Board!

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  1. lovely couple and very nice outfit patty. it made me smile when you said you become a monster when your hungry, i’m the same too..your photos made me miss singapore..