Singapore Days 1&2

Greetings from Singapore!!!The Lah-lah-land of Chicken Rice, Milo Dinosaur, and one of the most efficient MRT stations in the world!! Hooray! I’ve been to Singapore several times in the past—and mostly because of something work-related so it was nice to be on full holiday mode for this specific trip. Well, it’s sort of a workcation for me and the hubby—-WORK for him and VACATION for me! Hahahaha!Lugi si Pat!:) Patrick gets to travel a LOT because of his work, so he was kind enough to sponsor my airfare for this trip–and a decent foodie allowance too! Weeeeee!!!

Sadly, the normally very bright and sunny Singapore has been covered in a thick gray haze (due to the fires in Indonesia) for the past few days but we’re trying our best to maximize our stay given this unexpected situation.  Here are some photos from our first two days in the city.
I was all set for the hot weather in Singapore so I wore this easy breezy Aqua chiffon dress, Coral necklace, and tan/salmon leather bag all from SUITEBLANCO ðŸ™‚ You know how other bags are heavy just as is (even without anything in it??? Grrr, I hate those bags!)–well, this bag is incredibly light and perfect for a looooong day of can wear it as a sling bag or carry it through it’s shorter handle for a more sophisticated look. And with this breathable dress, I didn’t sweat at all even if it felt like an oven in Orchard!
I’m glad we were able to schedule this trip along with some of our good friends too, including one of my closest girlfriends—and superstar wedding coordinator, Marge (and her hubby RG of course!). As much as Patrick and I love traveling as a couple, iba pa rin yung may mga kasamang mga kaibigan! It’s nice to experience new things with old friends!
The real reason behind this Singapore trip is because Patrick and Joey’s company is now the official distributor of Blackmagic brand in the Philippines!!! For production geeks out there, I’m sure you’re familiar with this brand so I will make a separate post about Blackmagic in the coming weeks. 🙂 I really hope you will support this new brand!
Blackmagic Design Manila Team: Joey, Jam, RG, and Patrick 🙂 
Speaking of friends, we also caught up with another favorite couple of mine, Marcus and Amber who coincidentally was also vacationing in SG! Sosyal na ang mga meet ups namin, dati coffee at Rockwell lang, ngayon Marina Bay Sands na! Nakkkks! Hahahahaha!!!:)
Team ThirtySix O representinggggg!!!
Singapore style not-so-dirty ice cream! Walls ice cream chopped into a block and rolled up in either a piece of rainbow bread or wafer, or in my case BOTH! Hahaha! Not bad for a dollar 🙂
There’s no shame in being TOO TOURISTY!!! We were all craving for some good old Chilli Crabs and Cereal Prawns so our Singapore based friends brought us to a local hawker 🙂 
Chicken Rice for Breakfast at the Maxwell Food Center just a few blocks away from our tiny hotel 🙂 The chicken rice here is so good, it could stand on its own! Ang sarap mura pa! I can become a Chicken Rice endorser! Hahahaha! And of course, we had some Milo Dinosaur too!

We took a romantic stroll around Chinatown in the morning, most of the shops were still closed so it was a nice and quiet walk for me and Pat 🙂
In the afternoon, we traveled to Ikea in Tampines. Of course I had the famous Swedish Meatballs!!!  Takaw tingin ako so I ordered 20 pieces, my stomach bailed on me at 16! Boooo! We didn’t buy anything though, trying to still keep things within budget–maybe we will swing by again towards the end of the week if we still have some moolah to spare. 🙂
My gold double knot necklace also from Suiteblanco
It goes with just about anything!I think I just found my new fave everyday necklace. 🙂
In the evening, we met up with Patrick’s college friends Jillette, Deck, and Didop who are based in Singapore. Thanks to our dear Jillette for arranging the tickets for International Smash Hit (nasa poster eh!) STOMP!!! We had our jaws dropped the whole time. I don’t want to spoil it for you–so just go ahead and watch it!!! Let’s just say I was saying “HAYUP”, “ASTIG”, “GRABE NAMAN” all throughout the show. 
              Special thanks to Suiteblanco, my clothing partner for this trip!
            I’ll be sharing more looks in my next Singapore post 🙂

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  1. awww!!! i hate it!!! i should be going to Ikea when I tweeted you but due to some unfortunate events,,, i failed!!! arrrgghh!!! I hope i could still you you around!! maybe in orchard… =))) sayang ang hazy dto… enjoy singapura!

  2. Haha I also call this the Lah Lah Land! Ang galing ha! The pics don’t look like there’s haze! I have your N95s haha kala mo naman kung anong gadget hahaha