Singapore Days Three and Four

Here’s our final installment from our fun Singapore getaway! It’s amazing how we managed to squeeze in a hundred and one dalmatians  activities into our 4 day itinerary! There’s just so much to do in this teeny-tiny country you’ll be wishing you had more than 24 hours in a day. For Days 3 and 4, we really maximized our days hopping from one place to another—each distinctly different and with its own character. Sorry for flooding your eyes with photos, I just wanted to share everything with you!!! Hehehe! Most of the photos in this entry were provided by Mr. Kah Wah Tan, the official photographer of the Singapore Tourism Board. The other photos were shot by yours truly using my Smart iPhone 5s. Oh and a shout out to Suiteblanco in SM Aura for providing our clothes 🙂 🙂

On Day 3, after a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we made our way to Tiong Bahru district to witness the lives of the local Singaporeans. We dropped by their market—which was so clean! No fishy smells here!–explored their hawker centers where the locals dine and we checked out the books at this quaint little bookstore which was just around the corner. 
I must admit, Singaporean Orchids are the prettiest ones in the world!
Romantic strolling, hihihihihi. Holding hands. Swaying. Cue Celine Dion song on videoke now.
I love how they’ve maintained the beautiful and historic architecture.
So many finds at this local bookstore!
This too cool for school restaurant will bring out the hipster in you. Check out Open Door Policy when you’re in Tiong Bahru! Their Ceviche Tuna was a winner!
After lunch, we decided it was time to bring out the inner super heroes in us! It was time to FLY!!!! I’ve done iFly once before with my friends and cousin, but this was Patrick’s very first “flight”. It’s definitely something worth trying—and doing again and again. As long as you don’t have any major injuries or ailments, you can fly without any problems. And yes, even kids can fly too and lolos/lolas as well! If you’re worried about where to put your hands, how to balance, what to do when you’re up in the air—don’t you worry chicken curry because they give all the participants a thorough briefing/training session prior to each “flight”. The instructors will be there to assist and guide you throughout your flying session. iFly is located in the Sentosa complex which is easily accesible by public transportation. I suggest you wear lace up rubber shoes and loose, comfortable clothing when you go. 
Come Fly with MEEEEEEEE!!!!! 
Since the iFly building is located in Sentosa, we decided to explore the rest of the complex. We took the free shuttle to check out the sites and landed on the beach. Coincidentally they were having surfer parties all over which we happily crashed. Hahaha 🙂 Again, I was just so amazed the proximity of everything. You could be in the concrete jungle one minute and surfing in the beach the next.
For dinner, we visited the chic and sweet Prive’ Cafe at Keppel Bay Marina. This very contemporary restaurant serves hearty comfort food in generous servings. And the manager was Pinoy too! Another happy surprise for me and Patrick. This place is usually packed for brunch/lunch because of it’s breathtaking view of the yachts docked in the marina.

For Day 4, we tried to jam all these activities in before heading to the airport to catch our evening flight. We woke up early to take a dip in the spectacular infinity pool of our hotel. 

After checking out, we went old school and did the famous Singapore River Cruise. Here we got the explore the city and marvel at all the jaw-dropping architecture in a quick 45 minute boat ride. We also saw the iconic Merlion happily spewing out water into the river. 
And of course for our last lunch in Singapore, our guide Toon Teng did not disappoint. He brought us to one of the best Hainanese Chicken joints in the country: Boon Ton Kee! Everything was sooooooo tasty and authentic, we’re definitely coming back for this. Oh and that’s KahWah and Toon Teng, our photographer and tour guide, these two were the best travel buddies! 

After the big Hainenese lunch, we zoomed to Vivo City to meet up with my cousins Mia and Michelle and our good friends Dana and Jillette. It was the activity on my itinerary that I looked forward to the most because I’ve missed my girls so much. So it was a girly catch up afternoon plus one boy, hehehe. The girls treated us to merienda at Marche. It’s always nice to hear about their fun adventures in Singapore. I’m so proud of these ladies and it’s great to see how they’re thriving in a whole new city. 

So there you have it friends, family, countrymen. That sums up our 4 day Singapore Swing! I hope you were able to gather a lot of ideas for your next visit to Singapore. We have a ton of holidays lined up for this year so I suggest you scour the net for promo fares and book your trips now. Even just a 3-4 day trip will be more than enough to energize you and your family. For more ideas, you can just visit 🙂

Again, a big THANK YOU to the whole Singapore Tourism Board team for preparing this fun and memorable getaway for me and my husband. Maraming, Maraming Salamat!!! 🙂 🙂

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