Smith Butcher and Grill Room

Here are some photos from my little pre-birthday celebration with my girls, Krissy, Dani and Nikki at SMITH BUTCHER and GRILL ROOM. Located  just along HV Dela Costa in Salcedo Village, it’s a hidden gem in the concrete jungle of Makati. With Chef Steven Scudder taking the lead in the kitchen, it was no surprise that this resto serves only the finest ingredients suitable even for the most discerning diner. But as you know, I’m not in any way a fancy schmancy food critic—I’m just a happy eater who likes good tasting and thoughtful food. And so as a regular happy foodie, this earned a thumbs up in my book. 🙂 Yes, it is admittedly very pricey (and that’s why it was saved for a special birthday’s not exactly a “Oh let’s have merienda here while I kill time in between errands” kind of place, hahaha) so you’ll have to really set aside some buckaroos to eat here.  They’re best known for their steaks and lamb but if you’re not much of a meat lover, don’t worry since they also offer high quality fish, seafood, and other options as well. It has a pretty varied menu that caters to different tastes 🙂 Thanks again to the staff of SMITH for also surprising me with a flaming birthday  cake!! It really caught me off guard, it was a sweet and thoughtful gesture. And to my girls, thanks for carving out time for me and keeping me company while the husband was thousands of miles away for work 🙂 🙂

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