Someday, Somehow…I will Bake YOU!!!

If you are on a diet, please please please do not scroll down. Hit the X button NOW!!!!! Too late chocolate, I bet you a million bucks you already scrolled your mouse down. I can’t blame you really, as a true blue sugar addict sweet tooth I know how it feels. If others could spend hours trolling the net for pictures of Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron, I could spend a whole day going through cakes, cupackes, muffins, cookies, pies, etc! As long as it’s smothered with sugar and has lots of “bad” carbs, naku patay tayo diyan! I’m guilty as charged!!!

Like I mentioned a few months back, the kind folks at Kitchen Aid gave me my dream baking machine—a dainty little hand mixer! Although I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy to find some free time to actually BAKE something, (I’m praying that my calendar miraculously clears up even just for one whole day, please!!!) I have already come up with my TOP 5 DREAM DESSERTS that I want to bake with my Kitchen Aid mixer. Ambitious??! Hell Yeah! These treats are pang-high school level baking and I’m just about to enroll for pre-school. hahaha! But with determination, focus, and DIVINE INTERVENTION (bwahahaha ganun kasama ang baking skills ko!!!) I know can DO IT!!!! 
Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
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S’mores Cupcakes
via pastryaffair

Carrot Cake
via gimmesomeoven

Mint Chocolate Brownies
via simplysogood

Nutella Cupcakes
via handletheheat
AND HERE’S THE ICING ON THE CAKE, People!!! Remember how I always tell you how much it means to me to get the support of good brands who are kind enough to give gifts to my readers too? Well, Kitchen Aid is feeling EXTRA GENEROUS and they want to give ONE LUCKY READER a chance to bake their dream desserts with a brand new KITCHEN AID HAND MIXER! And this mixer comes in a dainty PINK color in honor of all the CANCER HEROES since October is Cancer Awareness Month. All set? This contest is open to INSTAGRAM users only. Pls make sure your IG account is public so we can view your page. 

1. Follow @pattylaurel @kitchenaidph on INSTAGRAM. 
2. Save the image below and post it on your IG account. 

3. Answer this simple question and include it on the caption of the IG post. “What dreamy dessert would you like to make with this KITCHEN AID HAND MIXER?” 

To qualify as an entry you have to add the hashtag #kitchenaidhandmixer and tag @pattylaurel @kitchenaidph 🙂 

Here’s a sample, folks. (oh and I don’t have a son OKAAAY! It’s just a sample hehehe)

You may repost daily! Contest ends on October 7, 2013 at 10PM. The sweetest answer wins! The winner will be announced on Kitchen Aid Philippine’s Instagram Page a few days later. 

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