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I LOOOOOVE CHEESE!!! Okay, maybe not as much as chocolates—that’s just too hard to beat–But cheese, ohmyLord, I can’t imagine living without cheese in my life. Just yesterday, I was at the Sprial’s buffet in Sofitel and I think about 60% of my plate was filled with different types of cheese! I’m equally obsessed with cooking cheese too. Adding cheese to any dish makes it instantly tastier–even the simplest recipe can perform in stellar proportions if you just add some good quality cheese to it (especially for beginners like me!). Every time I hit the supermarket, I always make sure I spend a good 5 minutes at the cheese aisle. It’s important to be extra meticulous about the type of cheese you use for cooking 🙂 Don’t laugh but sometimes I just google for recipes with CHEESE as it’s main ingredient. I just type “Recipes with Parmesan” or “Recipes with Mozarella” and just pick the recipes that are manageable on my end. Here are some cheesy dishes I’d like to try in the coming weeks. 

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My friends at Perfect Italiano sent me a whole box of cheese a few days ago and I went nuts! I felt like a little greedy mouse! All this cheese FOR MEEEEE?!?!?! Hahaha! Since I’ve been bunking at my parents all week (Patrick arrives on Tuesday!), they delivered the package to my Alabang address and so my mom spotted the box too! She was just as giddy, enumerating all the possible dishes she could whip up with the big cheese supply we had sitting pretty in our ref. “I can make Eggplant Parmigiana on Wednesday! Or my Cheesy Corn Casserole! Or maybe we can make pizza squares too?!” Ang saya naman! I love doing reviews for products that I actually like—lalo na kapag food related (at masarap)! 
We’ve been adding Perfect Italiano’s cheese variants on most of our home cooked dishes and so far so good!!! They have the Parmesan Grated and Shredded variants (works great for salads, pastas, eggplant parmagiana and breaded chicken), Mozarella Block and Grated variants (extra ooey gooey-ness for sandwiches, lasagna and other dishes), and their Pizza Plus (a mix of mozarella, cheddar and parmesan works for DIY pizzas!). You can actually visit their website for more recipes, click HERE
But here’s the GOOD NEWS!!! As you all know, it makes me extra happy when I’m able to share the love with my readers. So, I practically begged Perfect Italiano to give my readers something really BIG to look forward to. Thank you again so much Perfect Italiano for this super generous giveaway!!! Scroll down for the surprise!!:) This will make all the foodies and home cooks rejoice! 
Images from Perfect Italiano Website
I am giving away 
Imagine all the dishes you can cook in 90 days!?!?! 
1. Click LIKE on the Perfect Italiano FB Page here. The winner will be announced here so you’ll have to follow them to qualify. 2. Is there a dish you’d like to cook for someone special? Share your “cheesy” recipe and tell us how you plan to make it extra special with Perfect Italiano.

Send your answer, name, and home address to on or before April 23, 2014.

Max of 300 words. One entry per person please. The winner will be announced on the Perfect Italiano FB Page. Open to all Philippine residents. 

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