Spa Date with the Happy Blog Winners

Last Saturday I met up with the two winners of my blog contest, Jean and Gilvie. It was my first time to hang out with my blog readers so I was both anxious and excited about this meet up. The two girls were as sweet and bubbly as expected and I’m glad I was able to spend the afternoon with them at The Spa Rockwell! I received so many wonderful posts on my wall and as much as I would have loved to take you all to The Spa with me, I could only pick 2 girls for now. Here’s their Facebook entry 🙂
The girls prepared two tubs of my favorite chocolates and candies!!!! I couldn’t believe it! So much effort to research about my favorite treats 🙂 It was such a thoughtful and unexpected gift! Obvious bang sobrang saya ko? The dimples from my pwet migrated to my cheeks! That’s how happy I was to receive these treats! 
But of course the biggest treat of all was the day of pampering care of THE SPA at Rockwell. Each of us had the luxurious The Spa Tropical Rejuvenation Treatment and it was absolutely divine. I smelled like a yummy dessert and my skin felt so smooth and supple all over! And since my skin was peeling from my Bicol tan, it was the perfect treatment to get rid of my rough sunburnt skin. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it’s important to invest in taking care of it.I admit I’ve been slacking off in this department so I think I should save up for more pamper days like this. After the relaxing scrub, I was wrapped in this rich yogurt, and even had some downtime at the was such a welcome break from all the work stress!
Experience a glorious sensory escape with aromatic tropical fruits for optimal rejuvenation and relaxation. This sumptuous tropical treatment will drench your body with the latest repairing actives, rendering your skin radiantly healthy and youthfully restored. Includes a full body scrub and yoghurt body wrap. The Pevonia Tropical Saltmousse Body Exfoliation creates a fluffy lather and removes impurities and toxins by gently polishing your skin. As the salt dissolves, negative ions and repairing tropical fruit extracts are quickly absorbed. The skin emerges smooth to the touch and visibly brightened. A firming and brightening yoghurt wrap counteracts aging, evens skin tone, and delivers invigorating and toning benefits. A creamy yoghurt wrap follows the scrub which combines the tropical extracts of Mango and Passion Fruit. The wrap is rich in: malic, tartaric, and citric acids, potassium, calcium, glucose, and other key anti-aging ingredients such as repairing Vitamin C. As the creamy yogurt formulation is applied all over your body, you are transported to a sublime tropical oasis where your senses are gently awakened and phenomenal visible results are obtained. Your skin emerges revived, refreshed, smoother, firmer, and vividly brighter. -The Spa Rockwell
Overall, it was such a fun experience for me, Jean and Gilvie! I don’t say this as much as I should but I really value all the support I get from my readers and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to share my experiences with you. Thank you to THE SPA for this wonderful birthday treat for me and the girls. 🙂 

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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! You girls had so much fun!Hope you’ll have another “The Spa” giveaway, Ms. Patty.: ) Cheers!