Start Your 2014 with Belle De Jour Planners

Lookie, Lookie!!! I finally received my much awaited stash of BDJ Planners! Thank you so much Em and to the BDJ girls for always remembering me during the holidays.. you girls are just too sweet 🙂 If you would like to get a better glimpse of each planner, just visit their website here. My two favorites would have to be the NAVI 2014 and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE planners. They’re perfect for go-getters, adventure seekers, and positive thinkers—like you and me, right?! (naks!!!)

It’s always nice to start the year with a plan—although it does help to practice a bit of flexibility (trust me, things will change and surprise you along the way) and having a nice planner to guide you is always a good idea. 

2013 was a really meaningful year for me so it’ll be hard to bid it farewell—however, the promise of the new year is more than enough reason to move forward! If you’d like to claim 2014’s awesomeness with me, then why not begin with your own BDJ Planner??? I’m giving away a total of 10 BDJ Planners to my wonderful readers!!! That’s right, the BDJ crew will have your planner shipped straight to your doorstep 🙂 🙂 Just follow these simple steps! 

I’m giving away 

1. Follow @pattylaurel @BDJBuzz on Twitter.
2. Fill in the blanks for this sentence—
“I WILL MAKE 2014 AN EXCITING ADVENTURE BY_________________” 

Tweet your answers and tag @BDJbuzz @pattylaurel. Please add the hashtag #Jumpstart2014 to qualify as an entry. 

The more personal the answer, the better! Keep it short, honest and sweet 🙂 There’s no right or wrong answer—what matters is that it comes from the heart!

3. I will announce the winners on Twitter on New Years Day:) Max of 5 entries per person. 

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