Staycation at The Pen


So for our anniversary, Patrick surprised me with a Suite Staycation at the Pen!!!!!!!! WOOOOW diba?! Pat is that you!?!?!? This was quite a splurge for my very kuripot husband, so please allow me to enjoy this moment! Thank you so much, my darling Pat, for planning this 🙂 🙂 I know you’ve been so stressed with work lately so I didn’t expect this at all (but yeah, I was secretly hoping for The Pen! hihihihi)—but thank you for making the effort! Here’s to more years of weirdness together! You’re my love, my life, the love of my life! O-haaaaa! Hahahaha! P1250374 P1250375 P1250379P1250394 P1250384 P1250387P1250455-001

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