Staycation Series: Discovery Primea Makati

Hi Folks!!! I’m happy to share the very first installment of our family staycation series! That’s right—we’re staycationing not as a couple anymore but as a FAMILY! Can you believe it?!!? We’re a family of three! Wowww!!! I still get goosebumps thinking about it. This little boy used to just be a heartbeat in an ultrasound and now he is here—and staycationing with me and Patrick. Hahaha 🙂 After the very tumultuous first month and a half post-partum, this was truly a reward for me and Patrick. What a joy it was to just finally enjoy a proper break and revel in God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives! Believe it or not, I was working on the bookings for this staycation with Jane Santiago of Discovery while I was recovering from my surgery in the hospital! Crazy huh?!?! But I was that determined to get myself out of that rut, I was in so much pain–I wanted so bad to get well and have fun with my baby and hubby again! Thanks Jane for giving me something to look forward to! 🙂 Fast forward to a month later, with a healed body and lots of happier vibes—we finally pushed through with our very first hotel stay with our little chub-chub THEO 🙂


The latest addition to the proudly Filipino brand, The Discovery Leisure Company, Discovery Primea is the new “IT” girl in Makati. From the lobby you can actually see Rustans, Glorietta and Greenbelt—which are all just a stoplight away from the property. The location is definitely hard to beat, you can’t find a location in cosmopolitan Manila that would be better than this. But it boasts more than just its prime residence, these luxury service apartments are all about comfort, convenience and style.

I really was very impressed by the interiors of this new hotel. With calming sandy beige tones and elegant art pieces scattered around the hotel, the look appeals to both the young ones (like me! Yes!) and the young once (like my parents!). Nothing too trendy that would go out of style quickly— it feels elegant but at the same time fresh and current too. The Discovery Primea represents a marriage of both the East and West in aesthetics. The building itself is by Pritzer Prize winner, Architect Kenzo Tange from Tokyo. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including the famous Tokyo Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Museum. While the interiors of the hotel are by Texiera, Inc., an LA Based interior design firm that is known worldwide.

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We stayed at the 2 Bedroom Primea Suite, which to me is ideal for family staycations! With about 94 square meters, that’s HUGE even for a regular apartment in the city. The suites are fully functional making it perfect for families–with a fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer, induction range, TVs, nespresso machine, etc. I could go on and on with what’s included—you’d think I was enumerating the things I had in my own house. Actually, I don’t even have a Nespresso or an induction range at home, so this suite beats us by a mile!! Hahaha!P1330654P1330632If you book early and notify them that you have a little baby, they can even prepare a crib and lend you a stroller too! Of course, this is assuming they’re available on the date of your booking so I suggest you check with the hotel concierge as soon as you book. I think the whole point is to keep you in your suite and not give you any reason to leave. It’s that comfortable!!! Order room service and I promise you won’t ever want to leave! Haha. Look at our little bubba, chilling like a villain!

Aside from the fully functional kitchen and living area, there’s also a really spacious working station. This came in handy for Patrick who needed to get some work done and send out a ton of emails while we were staycationing—so for all you workaholic poppas (tsk tsk!), this will keep you aligned with your office but still allow you to enjoy some quality time with the family. 
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What I loved most about our stay (aside from the fabulous suite!!!) was how personal they made it for us. We were warmly greeted in the lobby with fresh flowers and a sweet note by the GM David Pardo De Ayala—and in our room I got so kilig seeing all our family photos scattered throughout the suite! They placed pictures of Theo in our bedroom and also in the living area! So sweet and thoughtful! 🙂 🙂 Thank you to Zandra and the rest of the Discovery Primea team for making the extra effort for us. P1330663P1330668P1330735Aside from the very spacious and luxurious suites, guests can also enjoy the facilities of the hotel like the 37 Degrees Gym, Swimming Pool (with the most breathtaking Makati skyline), Terazi Spa (Pat and I enjoyed some couple time—finally, after one million years!!!), and of course the GILARMI LOUNGE which is perfect for afternoon High Tea. “This lobby bar pays homage to the Gilarmi Apartments, the building which once stood where the Hotel now rises.  The Gilarmi Lounge serves Filipino-inspired bar fare, high tea, light snack and draught beers from around the world and is an ideal venue for small groups and cozy rendezvous.”

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If you’re looking to experience DISCOVERY PRIMEA, simply visit their website 🙂 I’ll be blogging about their restaurant Tapenade next, so stay tuned for that! Again, thank you so much to the folks at Discovery for making this a truly memorable FIRST staycation experience for our little family! I look forward to more meaningful experiences with TDLC!

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  1. Cute chubby Theo!!! Questions: Does their rate include buffet breakfast? And do they provide nanny services (and if yes, is this a separate fee?) while you were at the spa? I saw in the other posts that they had the pillowcases personalized with the guest names- so you can take them home ba? Sorry dami questions 🙂 Thank you in advance!

    • Yes includes breakfast already 🙂 🙂 Patrick’s parents took care of Theo while we were at the spa. I’ll have to double check for babysitting services. For the pillows, I think this was a special service for that specific guest only 🙂

  2. Hello Ms. Ann,

    To answer your questions in an official capacity.

    1. Our rate does include breakfast, however our breakfast may vary from what you are used
    to in terms of “breakfast buffet”. We do offer a continental breakfast station, which
    offers juices, cooked vegetables, cereals, cheeses, cold cuts, breads, and pastries, as
    well as a choice of hot entree from our breakfast menu.

    2. Discovery Primea does offer a baby sitting as an additional service.
    The rate for this is Php 500 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours.
    A waiver needs to be signed by the parents, in the event that the baby sitting will be
    done off premises. Any cancellations need to be made 4 hours prior to the scheduled
    baby sitting.

    3. Our personalized pillow cases are done for select guests. Should you wish to have these
    done as well, do let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

    Thank you for inquiring Ms. Ann, and we hope to see you at Discovery Primea soon.

    – Raf of Discovery Primea.

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