Staycation Series: Makati Diamond Residences

So for my 33rd birthday, I decided to celebrate it with my grade school besties Sheila and Stella (with our babies, of course). Patrick was in the US for work that week (grrrrr!!!) so having the girls with me on my birthday week was really what saved me from sobbing over FaceTime. THANKS girls for distracting me from the EMO-fest. Ate Maimai (Theo’s super yaya!) also joined in on the fun and it was an all girls overnight staycation—with lots of laughs and happy calories! I still missed Patrick desperately but it was still an enjoyable celebration with Theo and my dearest friends. 🙂

Makati Diamond Residences was kind enough to host us and we really, really wanted to stay in this hotel foreverrrr!!!! First of all, how could you beat the location?! It’s literally steps away from Greenbelt! My favorite Watsons and Piandre were located just across the hotel lobby. You can shop, eat, watch a movie, head back to your room to nap, and do the whole shop-eat-movie routine again!

When you have a little man child in tow, you have to consider LOCATION and CONVENIENCE so they definitely get the 5 stars on those categories. It was so manageable for me to bring Theo around and when he was starting to get sleepy, we just crossed the street and made our way back to our room. What a huge PLUS for me!

And of course, I’ll be adding more stars because of their tasteful interiors that spell L-U-X-U-R-Y. Our room was HUGE, it was about 80sqm with a kitchen, washing area, ginormous bathroom, living and dining area, and a dreamy bed. Theo went bonkers with all the space! They even set up a play pen for him which was really sweet! Seriously, it’s hard to compete with this property. Although MDR is more popular among business travelers, it’s really a family friendly hotel that families should consider when booking for quick staycations. Check out our photos below, which of course is 80% Theo. Hahahaha! Sorry, I have clearly become that annoying mother who is obsessed with her child. Forgive me! I can’t help it!!! Thanks again Makati Diamond Residences for the birthday treat. You guys made this mama feel so special 🙂 🙂

P1510916  P1510937P1510919    P1520001P1510949 P1510956 P1510958P1510991P1520063
P1510968 P1510975  P1510930P1510982 P1510987 P1510995  P1520002 P1520004 P1520008   P1520029  P1520041 P1510979P1520057 P1520061 P1520012 P1520070 P1520072 P1520038P1520095 P1520110 P1520009P1520144 P1520148  P1520166 P1520177 P1520189 P1520212 P1520225 P1520227 P1520229 P1520301

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