Staycation Series: Seda Nuvali


Here are some snapshots from our quick weekend getaway at SEDA HOTEL NUVALI. If you’re looking for a destination that’s outside the chaos of Manila but near enough to drive to (especially if you have a baby/toddler who likes to fuss in the car seat! ahem ahem!), then this is the place for you. On a good day, it’s less than an hour away from Alabang. It’s amazing how a few toll exits could mean a world of difference. We enjoyed the clean and fresh air in Nuvali, the tree-lined walking/biking paths, and the pristine man made lake. It’s definitely a family friendly choice and I highly recommend that you stay for a night or two.

OH and thank you so much Erin Songalia and the rest of the SEDA team for making special arrangements for our little Natalie who just recently turned 3! She really enjoyed her surprise merienda in the Satin function room 🙂 🙂 It was pretty in PINK all over, perfect for our little princess. It was such a thoughtful gesture!

Thank you Lord for giving us another weekend of beautiful memories with our loved ones! It’s really nice to celebrate the #BestFeelingsInTheWorld with family 🙂 🙂 P1350478 P1350248P1350216P1350228P1350241P1350225P1350222P1350233P1350235P1350243 P1350260P1350264P1350229P1350269P1350300 P1350276P1350284P1350290 P1350310 P1350326IMG_4186P1350342P1350351 P1350333 P1350339IMG_4191P1350348P1350372P1350344P1350413P1350365 P1350395P1350409 P1350399P1350418 P1350404P1350416P1350421P1350447P1350468 P1350449 P1350461

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