Stella’s Surprise Baby Shower

Over a month ago, it dawned on us that Stella was just a few weeks away from popping so Sheila and I sort of panicked (in a good and giddy way). We knew we wanted it to be surprise for Stella—but we didn’t know if we could actually pull it off. For one, I have the lowest EQ in the world. When I’m excited about something–hala–It’ll be written all over my face and I wouldn’t be able to stay mum about it. Second, the three of us talk to each other almost everyday.  Stella lives in Antipolo, Sheila lives in Cavite, and I’m in the center of the metro. Since we live so far from one another, we’ve made an extra effort to keep in touch via iMessage.It was soooo difficult keeping a secret from Stella who knows almost all of our personal and current secrets. For the days leading to this surprise, I was so careful not to mis-send anything to her or to tweet anything that would give her clues. Whenever Stella would text me “What are you doing?” I would give a flat out lie because obviously I couldn’t say “Eto, cutting crepe paper for your party props!”. Lying (convincingly) is NOT one of my strong suits. 

When Sheila and I initially planned this, it was about a week before my diagnosis. So when I found out that I had to be confined at the hospital, I was actually a bit bummed that I wouldn’t be able to participate anymore. So naturally Sheila took the lead, with the help of Stella’s sisters and husband Julz. The plan was for me to work from home on the props, FB invite, ordering the cakes, etc (while on house arrest) and for Sheila to do the legwork and execution with everyone else. Sheila was the ultimate super woman/multi tasker and I’m so thankful she really stepped up for the both of us to make this party perfect for Stella. I was already psyching myself to accept that I wouldn’t be able to go to this party given my health condition. But God heard my secret prayers and with a snap of HIS finger, I miraculously gained so much strength over the weekend! I was able to walk comfortably and go up the stairs without any assistance (milestone!!!)! It was almost like God just took away the pain and gave me a free pass to go to that party!!!! (BUT PLEASE DONT TELL MY DOCTOR. Patay.) Though I didn’t look as fashionable as I would have hoped (I had to get creative in dressing up with my blasted binder over my tummy!), at least naka-blowdry yung buhok ko–so maganda pa rin ako for 1×1 photo purposes! hahahaha!!!

So here are the pictures of our SUCCESSFUL SURPRISE BABY SHOWER for Stella!!!! 
It was a SUCCESS!!!!! Stella’s family, close friends, and in laws were all present!!! The food was great, the guests were all game to play the games (redundant much?), our props didn’t give up on us (matibay sila ha!hehehe), the brownies by Kai were delicious, and best of all Stella was sooooo HAPPY throughout the evening! Mission Accomplished! Thanks to Julz for being our willing accomplice, for absorbing all the stress and being such a convincing liar! To Kai and Angel, thanks for coming up with fun and unique games. And to the Juan sisters, Sayine, and Noana thanks for coming early to help us set up the props. And of course to Stella’s in laws and lawyer buds, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to celebrate with us.

To the little bean inside Stella’s tummy, I hope you will read this someday..see how excited we all are to meet you!!! Your mom and dad are two of the nicest people on this planet and you are so blessed to be welcomed into such a loving family! Make sure you take note of all these faces, these are the people who will love you and your kuya Jaden forever and ever, amen. hehehe.
I’ve known Stella all my life and I’ve seen her achieve so much—but of all the accolades that she has accumulated through time, I can honestly say that her best achievement would be being a mother. That sounds painfully cliche’, but it’s the truth. Stella, planning this shower for you was not only to celebrate the coming of Smartie but it was also our little way of saying THANK YOU. I speak on behalf of Julz, I’m sure it was his way of saying THANK YOU for being that supportive and loving wife. For your sisters who’d like to THANK YOU for being their thoughtful and protective Ate. And of course kami ni Sheila, we can’t even enumerate the times you’ve been our shining light, voice of reason, and source of chika! hehehe, akala mo of inspiration noh?!?! Joke lang!!! 🙂  We love you!
Photos by Sheila Catilo

4 Responses to Stella’s Surprise Baby Shower

  1. i love the details! what a lucky buntit friend to have such sweet friends and family to give her a surprise as great as this! =)

  2. Very nice baby shower!

    I have to say though, that’s your “not-so-fashionable” look? Geez. Wait till you see me using the same description to myself. I would be the epitome of it. But what the heck, mas maganda ka naman talaga eh.

    Have a nice day!