Stickers and Stationery

As a child, I collected stationery and stickers. It was the “in thing” during my time. I had it all from scented Sandylion stickers, to Eng-rish “Love is like a petal garden of your believe in blossom, always, happy friend.” notepads from Japan, and of course the infamous Lisa Frank line! I think it’s because of Lisa Frank that I developed this aversion to pink and purple. I think Lisa must’ve had some childhood issues with muted tones..that, or she must’ve done some chemical experimenting back in the 70s..her colors were always so loud and trippy!Hahaha. And now the boys are looking at me with a puzzled face “Lisa, Who?!”.

Now in my 20s, I’m still a big fan of notepads, stickers and notebooks. But now that I’m older, I have developed a new fondness for cleaner, more polished pieces with sweet little details. While window shopping last month in Glorietta, I found this little store (near the escalators across Zara and Mercury Drug) that sold all these pretty stationery, bag tags, gift wrappers, notecards, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it belonged to RINA ALBERT, a freelance artist I interviewed years back for a tv show. I’ve always loved her work so I was so happy she finally put up her own kiosk!

I love, love, love personalized things! It’s always so wonderful to receive gifts that were made just for you! Just that little effort to put your friend’s name, means so much to the recipient 🙂 That’s what I love about Rina Albert’s products, almost all items can be customized! Best of all, her products are high quality but very reasonably priced! I was looking for something to give my sister, the girl who HAS IT ALL..of course, I couldn’t afford to get her any Guccis/Pradas so I just had some personalized book plates and notebooks made and she was so thrilled! And I spent less than 500 pesos for everything! Shhh, don’t tell Daniela. Rina’s personalized goods start at about Php90 and she also has regular items ranging from Php30+ to Php200+. Not bad at all!!! I wasted a good twenty minutes browsing through all her designs..I couldn’t make up my mind! Hahaha 🙂 Rina designs everything herself, “What’s important to me is that my products be tasteful. I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t consider tasteful just to be able sell more stuff. I draw inspiration from many different things: pretty window displays, gorgeous architecture, tasteful outfits, fun color combinations I see on toys, etc.”

Guess what guys, Rina Albert made customized notebooks exclusively for YOU, my dear blog readers! Woot, woot!:) Rina took time out from her busy schedule to personally make them!:) How awesome is that?!

   I’m giving away these 
Come Waste Your Time with Me 
notebooks to Some Lucky Blog Readers!
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3) Send all 4 names and 1 mailing address to before August 10, 2011.
Winners will be notified via email.

6 Responses to Stickers and Stationery

  1. Hi! Miss patty.. Nice blog post. :”>
    We are glad na nafeature sa blog post mo yung about sa mga sticker’s and stationery customized by Ms. Rina Albert. Writing your ideas in a personalize notebooks/notepads is happiness :)).

    Thank you for the info about the store..
    And hoping din na me & may barkada will win.

    Have a nice day! :))

  2. I love Rina! I’ve hired her to illustrate my articles in Metro. I also have a sketch she quickly did of me on display in my room back in Manila. She’s lovely. 🙂

  3. hi teacher patty!

    i’m a sticker and stationery addict since i still do write my friends through snail-mails. i hope i’d be chosen as one of the lucky winners. ms. rina definitely is a superb artist. thanks!

  4. oh my i saw her stall and darn, i didn’t check it out. i love notebooks and i collect them. i always bring one in my bag for jotting down notes, quotes, etc.