Strip Tease Soiree

Lunch Break I-Message Exchange.
Patrick: “Hi Love! What are you doing after lunch?”
Patty: “I’m going to STRIP in Serendra.”
Patty:“I’m going to STRIP nga with my friends. Ale, Muff, Gin, and Kat are going to STRIP too.”
Patrick:”Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!! There are other ways to make money!!!”
Another miscommunication right there. Obviously, I was talking about this STRIP. The internationally acclaimed waxing salon located on the 2nd floor of Serendra, Bonifacio High Street. (They also have a branch in Greenbelt by the way!)
I got a pretty “interesting” invitation from Tab of Strip via email. “Hi Patty, would you like to have a STRIP TEASE SOIREE with your girlfriends?”. I actually giggled like a school girl upon reading it. Then I realized that although waxing is something people don’t normally discuss on a daily basis and not exactly small talk material “So how’s the weather? And have you waxed lately?”.. it’s something that girls (and yes guys too) deal with regularly. It’s a matter of hygienic importance! When it comes to waxing, you have to be very meticulous and thorough because you are dealing with the most delicate and sensitive parts of your body.  

With branches in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York, STRIP is definitely a leader in the waxing industry worldwide. They’ve “waxed and pruned over 2 million bushes” from different countries so you can tell they’re definitely the experts. They proudly share, “From our boutiques in Shanghai to London, our pioneering HSQ mantra, symbolizes our devotion to the Holy Trinity of Waxing: Hygiene, Speed and Quality.” And I have to agree, they definitely live up to this mantra! Their waxing salon is immaculately clean and their therapists are very well trained and neat as well. “So fanatical are we that STRIP was the first salon to introduce the ‘No Double Dipping’ commandment. Our Hygiene Pack is also justly legendary – each customer receives a new individually sealed pouch containing disposable waxing equipment (including gloves, face masks, pH balance wet wipes and spatulas.” 
If you’re a first time waxer, don’t be shy! If you’ve been shaving your legs all your life or still enjoying it au naturale, all you have to do is simply drop by their store and their friendly staff will give you a quick and informative briefing to prep you for the treatment. I have a very low tolerance for pain but most of their services are virtually painless and REALLY QUICK so it’s not as bad as you think!
I’d like to thank the wonderful team of STRIP MANILA for treating me and my friends to a unique girl bonding experience!!!:) They prepared a whole spread of treats for us, including a cute Red Velvet STRIP Lolli-cake by the Lollicake Factory. We even had some fun games and got to take home some goodies too! A Strip Soiree is actually a great idea for birthday parties, pre-beach affairs or bridal showers, it allows you to “deal with your hairy business” with your closest girlfriends. My friends and I are definitely planning to do this more often 🙂 For more information, just check out and click the Manila page!
   Special Thanks to FotoMoto and LolliCakes!

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