Style Crush: Miranda Kerr

Ok so she’s a Victoria’s Secret model with a tiny waist and long, long, long, long legs..I know it’s close to impossible for me to ever look like her even if I get knee implants BUT I DONT CARE I LOVE HER I LOVE HER I LOVE HER! Hahaha!:) There are a lot of style tips we can pick up from our Mareng Miranda that we regular girls can adopt. Since I’ve been studying her style for weeks now (yes, serious girl crushing level na ‘to!)—I would like to believe that I’ve become a certified Mirandologist! So allow me to share my “findings” with you today. To be more specific, let’s narrow it down to Miranda-inspired everyday casual clothing 🙂

1. Be sure you can actually BREATHE in your clothes.

It’s amazing how you can turn into a cast member of Jersey Shore just by the “breathability” of your clothes. Every time I see Snooki or J Woww (how do I even know these people?!?! I don’t even watch their show!), I feel nervous that something’s about to pop. Wearing something too tight not only makes you look and feel uncomfortable, it also draws attention to things that you don’t exactly want people to focus on. If you look at Miranda’s clothes, they’re all tailored and well-fitting but she hardly wears anything that clings too closely to her body. To think she’s a Victoria’s Secret model! You’re still able to see her figure but the fabrics always fall gently on her body as opposed to hugging it too tight. Here’s a trick—stand in front of the electric fan, if your top/dress moves with the air then that means it’s breathable! If it’s immobile like someone wrapped your body with Reynold’s cling wrap, then you might want to rethink your wardrobe. Of course, if you’re wearing a swanky Herve Leger inspired cocktail dress that’s meant to be sleek and snug–that’s a different story. 

2. Be sure you can actually MOVE in your clothes.

In line with number 1, mobility and comfort should go hand in hand when it comes to choosing your everyday clothes. Can you pick up a pen from the floor without ripping your jeans? Can you step out of a car without showing your hoo-ha to the world? In most of Miranda’s paparazzi photos, she’s seen carrying her toddler son and doing regular errands but still looking fab. This only proves that you can look polished but still be comfortable. You don’t have to give up one for the other, it’s possible to have both. Some people dress sloppy and use “comfort” as an excuse while others tend to dress over the top making them too high maintenance to even do anything productive. It’s important to find a middle ground and to sort of have a marriage of style and function in your daily wardrobe.

3. Work with your body type. 

We all have our “imperfections” like muffin tops, love handles, kilbils (kili kili bilbils), bra fat, and jiggly thighs. Even supermodels have their “flaws”–these body issues are what make us REAL women and having these things make us even more lovable! Diba, boys??? Let the clothes work in your favor, let them be your best friends. If the clothes in your closet are making you hate your body, then you bought the wrong types of clothes! As long as you are in your healthiest possible state and you know that you are taking good care of yourself—it doesn’t matter what body type you have. It’s the only type you’ve got and it just happens to be awesome! So make sure you buy the clothes that make you understand why God made you the way you are.  

4. Dress for YOURSELF.
These days, I prettify myself just because it makes me happy. It sounds selfish, I know, but whenever I start putting on an outfit with someone else in mind that’s when the insecurities kick in and I start to second guess my choices. When I just dress up FOR ME, it brings out a more relaxed yet polished look. I look like “PATTY LAUREL” and that to me is my best look. Hehehe.

When I make the effort to pull myself together it just puts me in a better mood. I remember when I was confined to the hospital for a week, I was a complete train wreck in my hospital gown and I didn’t even have the willpower to look in the mirror because I was drugged up and groggy. The nurse told me “Maam, alam niyo po makakatulong talaga sa pag-galing niyo kung mag-suklay po kayo o magpaganda ng konti.”. Of course my initial reaction was “What?!?!! Sobra naman tong nurse, Do I really look like crap now?!?!” but I could feel that it was coming from a place of genuine concern and experience so I tried it. I had to sort of limp my way to the toilet because I was still in a great amount of pain but I combed my hair, placed a bit of moisturizer and lip balm, put on my nice pajama slowly—and voila!!! I felt better! I felt like a stronger and happier version of myself again. It felt so good to be able to take care of myself and to look good for myself! Trust me, I didn’t look anything close to glamorous but those little grooming tricks did wonders for my self esteem and emotional well being. 

5. Dress like the WOMAN you already are (or at least are on your way to becoming!). 

Miranda was born on April 20, 1983 making her just 3 days younger than me!!! UYYYYYY, pwede na kaming best friends!!! Hahahaha! Pinipilit ko talaga ang connection. There’s something feminine and fresh about the way she carries herself that I admire. You can tell that she’s over the phase of dressing up to make a statement or to prove a point. Wala ng “kati ng kabataan” (sorry, that was the only term I could think of!) wherein you’re trying too hard to dress like everyone in your barkada—or in the opposite side of the spectrum when you’re trying too hard to NOT dress like everyone else just to show how cool you are. It appears that Miranda dresses up and dresses down as she pleases because she’s a full grown adult who’s comfortable and confident in herself. (Ok, obviously this is just an assumption. Close kami?!?!) 
Because she doesn’t try too hard to dress like a teenager, she always looks age appropriate. In the same way, she still injects jeans, flats and well fitted tshirts making her wardrobe more youthful than the average 30 year old. Her makeup is kept to a minimum allowing her skin to glow naturally. Though I understand how for most women makeup is their “safety blanket” when stepping out into the real world—if you pile on too much, it can make you look dated and age you by 5 years. So keep it as close to your natural look as possible. 

So there, as a certified Mirandologist I hope I was able to help you with these unofficial “Miranda Kerr Fashion Tips”. At the end of the day, fashion should just be an extension of your personality. Dressing up can be easy if you just allow it to progress naturally 🙂 I love you Mirandaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Responses to Style Crush: Miranda Kerr

  1. Same here! I loooove Miranda. Besides her style, I like her healthy lifestyle choices too. And she has super beautiful, flawless skin.

  2. Ayiiiie! Me too! A certified Mirandologist. Now you gave an idea how will I call my new self hehe. She’s the only celebrity that I follow on Instagram. I think she’s down to earth and not maarte as I observe on her pics.

  3. So there’s a term for it pala haha. Count me in! Siya actually ang mommy peg ko. I love that she doesn’t try too hard dressing up, lalo na that she has to go around doing mommy stuff. Sobrang girl crush ko din sya, sa Pinterest ko halos puro Miranda Kerr pins ang nasa mommy style board ko. Haha. At I’m glad to know na ’83 baby din sya like me. 🙂