Suiteblanco Shopping Challenge

Over a month ago, I was invited to participate as a “Fashion Mentor” for Suiteblanco’s Shopping Challenge along with Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Camille Santiago. Each of the mentors selected a special lady to make over through an Instagram contest and Suiteblanco’s Summer Muse (and blooming newlywed!) Kim Jones-Rosales was the official judge on the day itself. 

GUESS WHAT!?!?! My team won!!!YAHOOO!!! I picked the best partner for this shopping challenge, Dr. Kyla! Thank you so much for being such a natural beauty (with the cutest curls ever!), it made it such a breeze for me to dress you up. Thanks for being so game to be my mannequin! Team work talaga!High five 🙂 And to all the girls who joined, lucky for all of us because we all took home lots of Suiteblanco loot. LOVE!!!

On a side note, I love activities like this where I get the opportunity to meet and actually spend time with my blog readers. Whenever a brand I like approaches me with ideas that allow me to interact with my readers, I always get so excited and I really try to carve out time from my busy schedule para lang matuloy. 🙂 So thank you Miki Espe of Suiteblanco for arranging this event. It was such a light and fun shopping experience for everyone! Check out the pictures from my camera and also from Kelly’s cam 🙂 

One Response to Suiteblanco Shopping Challenge

  1. Hi Patty!
    I didn’t know this post was up already, so sakin din bumagsag yun “element of surprise” Hehehe. Thanks so much again for choosing me to be your partner for this! I had a great time playing dress up with you and the rest of the lovely ladies that afternoon. Loved the entire process na we were aiming for a different look but everything just gelled together with your pahabol choice of accessories!

    High five back at you, fashion mentor✋����