Summer Picks for the Home

Is it just me or is this possibly the hottest summer in the history of all summers?!?! Maaaaan. Just stepping out of the shower gets me all sweaty! But even if I despise the sweltering heat, oddly enough I actually enjoy this time of year. It’s when all the pops of color come to play, kids are all on vacay mode and it’s just a generally chill vibe in the air.

So for this post, I’ve partnered with my good friends from SM HOME (yes, it’s clear that I always shop there!!! SM girl forever!) to help me come up with a list of SUMMER MUST HAVES to help you cool down with the fambam. I love that they now have all these premium products that we used to only enjoy during vacations in the States—now they’re all here. They have everything from high powered blenders that you can make nice smoothies and shakes with (add a LOT of ice to make it extra slushy!!!), a snow cone maker that will make you the most popular mom in the entire village, a vintage glass cooler that will go perfect with your kids’ lemonade for sale stand (I WANT THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAAAAY!!!) , and my ultimate dream item: The nostalgic ice cream maker!! Imagine, making your own ice cream at home. Add sprinkles, nuts, crushed graham crackers and caramel glaze and you have the perfect sundae! Your kids will go bonkers for sure! And if you want to spruce up your home for the sunny season, you can throw in some cute decorative details like throw pillows, hampers, even towels around the house to add some color.

I love shopping in SM MAKATI, it’s my favorite branch of them all. But most of these items are actually available in almost all SM HOME stores around the country. You can click on and follow @smhome on Instagram, @smhome_ph on Twitter, and search them on Facebook too for more ideas for the summer. Happy shopping guys!

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