Sunny Spain

This summer, I decided to do a 5 day visit to one of my favorite countries in the world…ESPANA!:) I used to come here often when I was much younger and it’s always been a place that almost feels like home. (Could it be because we were under their rule for hundreds of years?!?) It also helps that I have family here, so having a place to stay for free makes it much more attractive for the kuripot traveler in me.  Since I’ve done the touristy things before, it was nice to have just a steady weekend as a local Madrileno. I spent the whole weekend immersing myself in Madrid and Toledo with my cousin Inigo. We practically grew up together. My sister and I would sleepover in their home in Dasma every weekend when we were kids. The 3 of us would stay up working on Inigo’s elaborate Lego structures all night and we’d steal his comic books and read them under the covers. Now, Inigo is very successful in the environment-management industry here in Madrid..a major upgrade from Lego-builder and Archie-collector. Haha! I’m so happy he took time out from his busy schedule to show me around and babysit me all week 🙂

Toledo, or as they call it here “La Ciudad Imperial” has a very interesting vibe. It’s a mix of different cultures and religions. Centuries ago, this was where the Spanish-Jews, Muslims, and Romans all lived. Bits of town feels very Middle Eastern then just a few blocks away you’ll find a glorious Gothic cathedral just shouting “Surprise! Surprise!”. I especially enjoyed visiting the synagogues around town..the architecture was just so intricate and even if it was centuries old, it still felt very contemporary. I even picked up a few design ideas for my future flat! I think I shall have a synagogue inspired apartment! Sweet! 🙂 I also loved visiting the house of EL GRECO himself and seeing the Burial of The Count of Orgaz up close. Inigo had to translate everything to me in English because all the captions were in Spanish! Di bale, Inigo, akong bahala sa pag-translate pag Bisaya yung captions! I’ve got this. Hehe.

We also bought some local Mazapan, which is famous in Toledo. It’s a pastry that’s usually served as a Christmas treat. It’s made with sugar and almond meal. We visited a little convent and purchased them from the nuns! Holy Mazapan!

Been getting lots of kind reviews about my amateur bidyos..Awww!! 🙂 Gumagaling na ako little by little..still trying to figure out all the little buttons on my I-Movie. Thanks for being so encouraging though, will try to shoot some more in the coming days 🙂 Abangan niyo na, I’m gonna be the next JJ Abrams-Jerry Bruckheimer! NOT!

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10 Responses to Sunny Spain

  1. Ang pretty naman ng arches sa Sta Maria Blanca! 🙂 It’s dramatic. I love Spain, specially their language! I really want to learn how to speak Spanish.. Oh, it’s good that I get to see Spain’s beauty thru your blog. 😀 How I wish that one day I’ll be able to go there too!

    One question though, what kind of visa is needed to go to Spain?

    much love,

  2. Ah kaya pala may naka upload na vids from Spain when I watched your Prague vids. Oo nga Ms. Patty, gumagaling ka na sa pag video. Walking+Video-ing = hindi kita ang paghingal ahihihi 😀 Good job Ms. Patty! *pats on the back* 🙂

  3. Hi Patty,

    I enjoy reading your blog especially your travel entries since I myself enjoy traveling. What a great accomplishment of having visited 28 countries by the age of 28! I especially like your video postings of your travel. May I ask what video camera are you using? Or would it be the video camera that came with a cell phone?

    Even though many of us may not have the opportunity to visit some of these places you have already travelled to. Your readers can at least live vicariously through you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have been to different countries too and my wish is to go to Spain! sigh, I am so wishful and by ur blogs, i am more inspired to make it come true. Another wish here is to see u in person. =)

  5. I want to go to Europe, too!
    I’m 28 now but I’ve only gone to 1 country. Paano ko kaya hahabulin un 27 more? Hahaha!

    Anyway, I really love your blogs! I panicked pa nga when you stopped blogging in your other site (I thought it was THE END already).

    Bad trip nga ko sometimes in the office coz the videos in your posts are blocked.

    More power to your blog!
    And btw, I hope I win your Slapwatch Promo. I posted something here (