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I was fortunate enough to host the launch of Langnese Honey in the Philippines a few weeks back. It was such an honour to welcome Germany’s Number One Honey brand to Manila in this intimate press/media brunch (which happily turned into a lunch and merienda too!). Guests were not only treated to a sumptuous buffet (wherein most of the dishes were lovingly made by Marriot’s Executive Chef using Langnese Honey!)—we were all schooled in the science of Honey as well. It was a very engaging HONEY 101 session that even I (the host!) thoroughly enjoyed. I love it when I’m able to host events that I actually learn from. I came home armed with so much trivia about bees and honey, my own husband was amazed by my new Wikipedia-worthy wisdom! Hahaha!

As a mom, it made me realize how important it is to be meticulous in selecting honey. Other honey brands can be very misleading. Without even knowing it, you could be feeding your kids with sugar syrup! Yikesss! Langnese promises only the finest quality honey from Germany, you get 100% of the good stuff for your body! And it comes in different variants too so you can play around with different flavours 🙂

Congratulations yet again to Fly Ace Corporation for partnering with this famous Honey brand and for bringing it to the Philippine homes. Best wishes to President Jun Cochanco and General Manager Ramon Daez, Fürsten-Reform Export Manager Mark Baumgärtner, Langnese Honey Dietitian-Nutritionist Consultant Cheshire Que, and of course, Fly Ace Corporation Product Manager Emie San Beda. Langnese Honey is now available in your favourite supermarkets at very affordable price points.

Quick Facts About Langnese Honey from their Official Website:

  1. According to the German Honey Directive from December 16th, 1976 (updated in 2004 and 2007) honey may not contain any other substance but honey. It is also defined that no constituent particular to honey may be removed from it, such as pollen. Taking into account the latest scientific findings and using modern technology, Langnese honey not only meets the legal minimum requirements, but exceeds them and therefore guarantees 100% pure, natural honey.
  2. Langnese honey is not heated past pasteurization. Our honey is gently warmed only to a maximum of 35°C (95°F), the max. which matches the temperature of a bee hive. This ensures that all the natural vitamins and enzymes as well as other nutritional elements are preserved.
  3. Honey is harvested from the honey comb using a centrifuge. In this initial step, small particles of beeswax stay in the honey. In order to remove the wax, the honey is then strained through a sieve of stainless steel, producing a pure, natural honey. Pollen is much finer than the mesh, so the pollen go through and remain part of the honey, as declared in the German Honey Directive. Because pollen is traceable to the floral source, pollen in honey works like a fingerprint, allowing to determine the origin and type of honey.
  4. As honey is a natural product and nothing is added or removed from it, it is gluten-free.
  5. We guarantee that our Langnese honey is not pasteurized. In order to achieve a better fluidity for the filling process, the honey is only gently warmed. The Langnese method, using as little heat as possible, demonstrates the care taken to provide a natural honey experience to consumers. By the way: even bees in their hive will reheat their honey if it freezes during winter and will feed off their combs.

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