For Jonsy’s 35th birthday, his wife Cecil wanted to make it extra special so a little surprise party seemed like the perfect idea! As most of you’s always difficult to execute a surprise, especially when you’re with your “surprisee” almost all day. Cecil however managed to secretly coordinate with all of us via email and BBM. She was on top of every little detail, she even knew the exact number of sushi (as in bilang na bilang niya talaga 104+48+21). Feeling ko nagtatago lang si Cecil sa banyo all week just to plot everything out. Jonsy must’ve said to himself, “Dang, this woman really likes to take long showers!”. Hahaha! We were even BBMing at midnight like sneaky little gerbils! Cecil was ala-Angelina Jolie in Mr.and Mrs.Smith, living a secret life! Naks! HIGH FIVE to my partner in crime 🙂 
After all the hours of stalling and distraction tactics, Jonsy was finally greeted
 to a house filled with close friends and family members!
Birthday Boy with his beautiful wife Cecil (the surprise mastermind) 
and their adorable daughters Audrey and Hanabishi. Look here, Electric Fan, look here!  
Cecil wanted a Japanese inspired merienda so we prepared sushi, sashimi, and katsu-curry rice bowls. I also brought some red velvet cupcakes baked with love by Sinfully Sabrina

A shout out to all our friends who brought lots of yummy snacks, Kudos to Marge and RG for bringing the balloons, to Tita Rina (and her super team: Manang Tina and Manang Aning+new recruit Ate Este) for all the preparations and special thanks to Photographer Lemarc Limosnero for allowing me to grab some of your photos for this post! 🙂 The offer still stands for you to spend NYE with us (just so we can have nice family portraits!Hahaha!)

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