Surigao Getaway

After weeks of planning, our all-wives island getaway finally pushed through!!! Wooohooo!!! Dani and Krissy are actually two of Patrick’s closest childhood friends. They practically grew up with Patrick and have seen him through all his awkward phases. Every time I hear about their funny stories about Patrick I just LOL. My husband was such an adorable engots even as a child! Buti nalang pogi ka, Filart! Hahaha! Ever since Patrick and I got together, I was able to develop a close friendship with both Krissy and Dani. I just thank the Lord for real and genuine girlfriends who have my back no matter what (and hey, I’ve got their backs too!). It was nice to go on a getaway with the girls—to just spend the day lazing around in bed, eating chips and chocolates, talking about our funny newlywed adventures and adjustments, sleeping, eating, and chit-chatting again. Yes, buhay tamad talaga kami for the past 3 days! Hahaha! Thanks again Dani and Krissy for going on this cowboy adventure with me.   
We stayed in Club Tara Resort which sits on the beautiful and serene Bucas Grande Island in Socorro.  Here you’ll find peace like no other, if you’re trying to escape the chaos of Manila and want absolute silence then this is the spot for you. There’s no internet, very minimal network coverage, and no TVs in your room—so get ready to be completely disconnected from the crazy world when you check in. 

Just as a heads up though before you book, the place is not exactly’s more for rugged travellers or backpackers who are ready to rough it up. The resort needs some sprucing up as most of the interiors are a bit worn out already. I really do hope some improvements will be made because the resort sits on such a beautiful island. It feels like a gem in the rough, a fixer upper that needs a bit of tender loving care to reach its full potential.  I would recommend this place for nature lovers and big barkadas who are ready to do something “cowboy” and adventurous. If you’re a low maintenance kind of person and you have a love for the outdoors, then you’ll enjoy staying here!

There are no bars, no restaurants, not even a small sari-sari store can be found nearby—-it’s just you and the island. They have a simple home kitchen that serves lutong bahay meals but other than that, you won’t find any other food source in the island. Although very humble, we really enjoyed manang’s home cooked meals—all very tasty and delicious. For one dinner they served us Conch shell barbecue and that was quite interesting for me 🙂

Since the resort is located in a secluded cove about 45 minutes away from the mainland, the electricity tends to fluctuate from time to time. We experienced several brownouts throughout the day but the friendly manongs were kind enough to find ways to get their generator working. This is just something one should be ready to face especially since it’s located in a very remote island.

The people in the island were incredibly sweet and friendly! Their kindness was so contagious. Every person we encountered in Surigao from the driver of the van to the manongs in our bangka to the staff in the resort—they all went out of their way to help us and make us feel so welcome. We made a pit stop at Gaisano mall before heading to the airport and the waiters in the cafe were all so pleasant and wonderful too. Ang babait talaga ng mga taga-Surigao!!! There’s just something so peaceful and calm about the people here 🙂
For this quickie getaway, I packed all my favorite summer clothes from American Eagle Outfitters. I dropped by their Sm Aura branch last week and found so many cute but low key summer outfits. Even their bags and accessories are so boho-beach chic! You guys should really check out their current collection 🙂 And I got my sunnies from Icon Eyewear in Glorietta. And my black bathing suit is from Naked Sun Swimwear (available in Certified Calm). 

There are so many activities to do in Bucas Grande. You can enjoy kayaking, diving/snorkeling with the jellyfish, watching the fireflies at night, etc. All of these tours can be arranged via Club Tara. Unfortunately, it was raining when we were there so we weren’t able to go on the island tours—but the locals say it’s definitely worth it 🙂

Thank you again to Char Vilchez and Agoda Philippines for arranging this all girls getaway for us. If you’d like to plan a quick getaway with your friends, family, or spouses—book your next summer vacay through now! 

3 Responses to Surigao Getaway

  1. Hi Ms. Patty,

    I am from Surigao City and such a big fab of yours. I follow and enjoy your wits in your blog! Had I know you were in Surigao…could have asked for an autograph that would surely make me “kilig”Sayang!heheh!(no worries I am not a stalker type of a fan naman po.heheh!) You might also want to check out Siargao Islands here in Surigao del Norte. Balik kayo ulit at sana makita ko po kayo in person!hehhehe!Godbless you more!

  2. Ang gandaaaaa! Lalo na yung sunset capture mo! I’ve been to Bucas Grande, too. And sobrang ganda nga! I really love your fashion sense! Clean, chic, and comfy! And you’re very beautiful, too! More beautiful than all the Surigao sunsets combined! 🙂