Surprise for Senorita Patricia

I love, love, love surprising other people and I think I should list down “surprise executor” as a side line job. There’s something so fun about making sneaky plans and organizing a surprise for a friend or a family member who truly deserves to feel special on a particular occasion. On my birthday, the tables were turned and my friends threw ME a surprise party! What was supposedly just a dinner date with Alessa, Kat, and Muffin (who I asked to keep me company because I was feeling sad that Patrick had to be in Batanes for work on my birthday week!) turned out to be a get together of my dear girlfriends (plus Marcus!). I had no idea that Alessa gathered all my close friends by collaborating with Patrick secretly! Alessa and Kathleen even made props for me and decorated Beso with flowers, pinatas, and Spanish inspired banners! You can check out Alessa’s blog for more details about the craft projects they made for me. My buddy Gel of Swell Sweets, made me a pretty 3 tiered cake which was not only sweet to look at but sweet to eat as well. She will be making my wedding cake so I got even more excited upon seeing this. Napaka-swerte ko talaga to be surrounded by creative people, I’m always the beneficiary of their craft coolness! 
Now here’s the birthday drama part, you can opt to move the cursor down if you’re not a fan of the mush. This birthday surprise made me feel so loved and appreciated! I was smiling from ear to ear the whole evening. I had a long and tiring 8 hour shoot that same day and I was ready to hit the sack and flake out on our dinner plans–but Alessa somehow managed to convince this lola to still head out and I’m SOOOO glad I did!!! I was so touched by the surprise party they prepared for me! For people to come all the way from work, braving the rush hour traffic, just to spend time with this little girl–that in itself is such a gift! At may customized props at cake pa talaga..wowowee!:) 
Photos by Sheila Catilo and Alessa Lanot

Since it’s my last year as a twenty-something year old, I think I have earned the right to spew out some words of wisdom. Friendships are important and you should always make an effort to cultivate them as best you can. I grew up in the 80s-90s, in the era of patintero sa kalye, biking around the village, and wholesome sleepovers. We didn’t have Xboxes and Ipads, we had empty streets and chalk and we played piko until sunset. We didn’t have Facebook, we had slambooks and answered “What is Love?” with “God is Love.” We didn’t send each other one liners via text, we actually sat in the park and talked for hours. Back in the day, uso ang totoong kaibigan. And by friendship, I don’t mean random people you bump into in Republiq and tag on your photo. Those aren’t your friends, those are just people you happen to know by name. If you have people around you who you can share honest conversations with, people who will love you unconditionally with no judgments, people who encourage you to do better in life, who lift your spirits and make you feel safe—then invest in these FRIENDS. It’s not about the number of friends you have, it’s about the quality of friendships you’re able to keep. On my birthday, my love for my buddies was further validated..these are the kind of friends you choose to grow old with! Just so blessed to have genuinely good people around me!:) I love you all so much!!!

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  1. Again, Happy birthday to you Miss Patty! You deserve all the blessings that come your way since I know (by reading your blog), is a blessing to others as well. God bless you always! 🙂