Sweet Dreams


Everyone has been warning Patrick and I of the sleepless nights we’ll be having as soon as the baby arrives, so we’ve been trying to hit the sack as early as possible to somehow make-up for the lack of shut eye we’ll have to endure in a few months. And every chance I get, even if it’s just a 30 minute break between meetings, shoots, or events, I use it to get a quick nap. I’m trying to sleep-sleep-sleep as much as I can. Speaking of sleeping, since it’ll become more than just a necessity but a luxury for us as new parents—I’m so happy that I have the support of URATEX Philippines in the sleep department. They’ve provided the most awesome gift for parents-to-be, the gift of SWEET DREAMS and SWEET SLEEP: a luxurious bed and some plush pillows too!!! No words could describe our happiness when we got their email! Hehehe 🙂 🙂

So one lazy Saturday, we made our way to the Uratex Premium Mattress Gallery in RONAC Art Center. You can actually visit their FB page here and their website is www.uratex.com.ph. Newlyweds and Long-time couples will find mattress-shopping here so enjoyable! Ang saya talaga! You can plop on different beds and they can hook you up on a special sensor to determine the perfect fit for you. This service is absolutely free so you can just drop by the showroom and get the mattress that really suits you. After all, it’s quite an investment so if you’re shelling out some moolah for it, you may want to test it first before you purchase.

After testing all the mattresses to see what works best with our sleeping positions, we chose the Senso Memory Ultima with Hydragel Technology. All the mattresses were comfortable but this was “THE ONE” for us. The new Hydragel Memory Foam takes visco-elastic foam to the next level with Uratex’s exclusive gel bead technology. Hydragel is the first foam of its kind in the Philippines! Our premium-quality extraplush memory foam has always provided gentle, cradling support and pressure-relieving comfort. Now, we have elevated this trademark comfort by infusing 20% of our memory foam with 100% authentic, blue gel beads.

URATEX has been kind enough to extend their generosity not only to me, but to my awesome readers as well!!!!!! WEE!!!!! I love super thoughtful sponsors who always consider my readers!!! 🙂 🙂 They are giving away HYDRAGEL pillows to 5 LUCKY COUPLES!!! These pillows are so heavenly! They’re premium pillows—so are really investment pieces. They have made such a big difference in my sleeping and I can’t wait for you guys to experience it too. Scroll down for more details!

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I’m giving away 5 PAIRS of Premium HYDRAGEL URATEX Pillows!

1. Follow @URATEX_PH on Instagram.

2. Take a photo of you hugging/snuggling/cuddling your pillow (let’s keep it wholesome peeps, no raunchy/sexy pics please! hihihihi!) and tell us why you’d like to win a pair of HYDRAGEL PILLOWS from Uratex.

3. In your caption tag @uratex_ph and add the hashtag #uratexsleepexperience to qualify as an entry. NO need to tag me as we will be monitoring your entries via the hashtag 🙂 The five winners will receive two pillows each and will be announced by Uratex on their FB/IG pages by March 5!!! Best of luck!!!

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