Sweet Tooth Party at Enderun

It’s no secret that I’m one passionate foodie. So it’s always a must for me to celebrate my birthday with lots of FOOD (and not just ordinary food but damn good food!). Last year, Pipino threw me a fun pretty party and so this year I tied up with ENDERUN for a fabulous baking party with my closest girlfriends. Instead of having a big party, I chose to go small and intimate and I’m happy I did! Not only was it a great learning experience, it was quality bonding time also with my buddies–in between all the mixing and beating. Lots of photos to share thanks to Sheila Catilo!
Enderun Extension offers a whole array of lifestyle courses for foodies like me, from basic culinary to cupcake making to wine appreciation. But best of all, they offer birthday packages and bridal showers too which allows you to have your own private culinary class with around 16-20 of your friends/family members. You can collaborate with the Enderun team and choose from their wide selection of recipes! I opted to go for a Sweet Tooth Party (obviously!). To be honest, we were expecting some simple cupcakes and muffins..but NOOOO!!! As we opened our recipe books, we found the instructions for baking the famous Louis XV cake! The Louis XV cake is the signature dish of renowned chef Alain Ducasse’s 3-Michelin star restaurant in Monaco, in fact, they serve this cake in only two places in the world—in Monaco and in Enderun! Wow!!!! If it’s possible to get starstruck by a dessert, then this would be the cake that would make my jaw drop!
We were schooled for the entire afternoon by the very best, no less than Enderun’s Executive Pastry Chef Andreas Gillar, who finished as a Master Confectioner at the Master School for Pastry in Vienna, Austria and has worked in several luxury hotels all over the world. The very friendly, Chef Cyril Ermita, also assisted us while we baked and saved us from embarrassing kitchen disasters. The two chefs and their staff helped us make the Louis XV from scratch and mind you about 90% of my girlfriends (including me!) had no professional culinary skills..so I was extremely proud of my girls for doing so well! It took us almost 3 hours to prepare each cake, which made us realize how much time and effort goes into each dessert! Pastry chefs indeed are kitchen scientists who work with so much precision to come up with sweet treats which we devour in just a few minutes (in my case, maybe even seconds!). I promise to chew more slowly and savour each bite now out of respect for the pastry chefs that spend hours in the kitchen just for 1 piece of dessert!

Since we had an entire kitchen to ourselves, you can imagine what a ruckus we made! A room filled with chatty women—hmmm, not exactly a good idea. We were laughing, squealing and poking fun at each other the whole time. Chef Andreas and Chef Cyril were very patient with us and demonstrated each step carefully, they welcomed our silly questions and corrected the over-whipping and over-beating. Aside from the chefs, Patrick was the lone male in our group because he had no choice! It was sort of mandated by his misis to be the official photographer, “Love, can you get off work early today–because you have to take photos of our baking party!”. Hahaha, poor guy had to endure all our chit chat for an entire afternoon. 
Sweet Tooth Party Awards

Best Effort Award
 (Champorado/Moroccan Mud Spa..hehehe!)
Krissy, Kelly, and Sam

Noisy and Standing Award
Stella and Rica

Cutest Little Chef Award

Too Good to be a Student kaya kokopya kami sa ‘yo Award
Michelle (and her lucky team mates Dani and Denise)

Cake turned into Jello Award (but still yummy!)
Muffin and Gin

Best Mommy Bakers Award
Sheila and Cecil

Thanks to Enderun and my awesome girlies, I had such a meaningful birthday experience and I would definitely do it again! If you’re thinking of a unique celebration (for your birthday, bridal shower, or graduation), then this is something I would highly recommend 🙂 Instead of the usual inuman session or an expensive night out, a cooking/baking party will prove more memorable. Your friends will learn something new and will thank you for it. Hooray for fun parties!:) 
Visit the Enderun website for more details.
Special thanks to Gera Accessories for making 
these lace earrings for all my lovely guests!
Visit their site at geraonline.multiply.com.

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  1. Looks really fun, but I wonder if Patrick had fun… Kawawa!!! Hahaha! Happy happy birthday again my dear! Wishing you more blessings to come 😀

  2. Hi Patty! I’m a fan of your accessories! 🙂 Mind sharing where you get them? 🙂 Thanks! 🙂