Switchin’ and Savin’

Wooohooo! I just recently joined the SWITCH and SAVE campaign of Watsons Philippines!
It’s an odd (yet kilig) feeling to see your face scattered around one of your favorite stores. I’ve been shopping in Watsons for the longest time so this is such a big deal for a little girl like me! I was in SM last week, doing my usual grocery run..while I was waiting for my car by the mall entrance I noticed some salesgirls giggling. It was only then that I realized I was standing next to my standee! I’m sure they thought “naks, feel na feel ni Miss Patty!” I was blushing and completely embarrassed! Hahaha! Oh and by the way, Standee Patty is way taller than the Real Deal 🙂

 The Switch and Save campaign is pretty straightforward. If you want to be able to enjoy a few luxuries  (ahem,ahem..TRAVEL!!!) then you should be smart enough to make adjustments with your daily expenses and learn to cut costs here and there. Watsons has their own line of products from toothbrushes, mouthwash, lotions, facial tissues, cotton buds, dental floss, body wash, etc which is substantially cheaper than other brands. In a nutshell they give you high quality, inexpensive alternatives..all your basic toiletry/beauty needs in one shop.

Joining me in this campaign are top celebrities Divine Lee, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Victor Basa. 
Oh and I bumped into my dear friend, Angela Nepomuceno of Lush Angel at the launch too!
Thank you Jing Monis Salon for my hair and makeup at the Switch and Save Party!

5 Responses to Switchin’ and Savin’

  1. hahaha.. i had a laugh thinking about you blushing infront of the salesgirls! baka na star struck sila sa yo Patty! haha.. congrats! the Wats are lucky to have you! 😀