Switch&Save with Watsons

I’ve been SWITCHING and SAVING with Watsons for several years now. It’s a brand that I wholeheartedly endorse because I really do shop at Watsons regularly. (You’ll find me loitering at their SM Aura branch all the time, hihihihi) The store keeps expanding with new additions here and there so there’s always something to look forward to when I drop by. About 80% of my banyo is filled with Watsons products—maybe it’s because I keep getting the Buy One Take One variants (lahat yan, mouthwash, cotton buds, toothbrush, bath gel—I even got a hair dryer for me and for Maimai!). Whatever savings I’m able to set aside because of my Watsons purchases (10 pesos here, 15 pesos there, 100 pesos here–add them all up and you get big savings!) I’m able to use for things that I consider as luxuries like a nice dinner date with Pat, or it can add to our pocket money for a trip, or a foot massage. 

We don’t have a stay-in helper for now because it’s just the two of us and we’re getting by with doing most of our household chores on our own. But we’ve been getting LOTS of help from Maimai (our super awesome cleaning lady who also doubles as my assistant for shoots/hosting gigs) especially when it comes to heavy duty cleaning and laundry. She really is a blessing to us 🙂 Maimai also accompanies me from time to time to stock up on supplies, and that’ss when we also go shopping at Watsons after our trip to the supermarket! She’s a certified Switch and Save fan too! Pwede na rin syang endorser because she knows all the products by heart. Hehehe!
Another reason why I have chosen to support Watsons—>THE PEOPLE. From the branch managers to the cashiers to the sales assistants, all of them seem very happy to be working for this wholesome brand. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend their big pow-wow events for their employees in the past so I know how they operate behind the scenes. The Watsons team really does feel like a BIG family and they do take good care of their peeps (at kasama na rin ako dun!). 
So I hope to see you guys at Watsons! They have so many items on Buy One Take One right now so drop by a Watsons near you to be part of the Switch and Save Phenomenon 🙂

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  1. I can still remember when I won tickets to Singapore during a Watson’s Switch & Save event! I was able to bring my lola abroad for the first time because of it. Since then, I have been using Watson’s handwash, cotton, tissue, etc. Not only because, I won tickets but also because the quality of Watson’s in-house brands are really good. *thumbs up*