Sydney Days 1&2

The last time I visited Sydney was way back in 2001—that’s 13 bloody years ago!!! Eeep! I was a clueless 18 year old college kid at the time. I have to admit, visiting it as a 31 year old was a completely different experience. I think Sydney grew on me this time around and I was able to appreciate it’s charm and culture all the more during this trip. Patrick and I flew to Sydney for the Hillsong conference (I will work on a separate post on this!) so this was really more of a creative retreat for us–but we managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing in between the sessions. Here are the photos from our first two days in the city. 
We stayed at the Amora Jamison Hotel, which is just along George Street making it the perfect base for sightseeing. I forgot to take a photo in our hotel, but I’m sure you can just google it. It’s a quick 5 minute walk to The Rocks, 10 minutes to the Opera House and about 15 minutes to QVB. Best of all there’s a Woolies next door, a big food court, and the Wynyard station right below. We commuted via city train everyday and it was ever so efficient. Oh, and we had free wifi in our room too! I love hotels with free internet. It allowed us to work while on holiday. It does get pricey here especially during peak season, but I managed to get it for a steal. It does help to book ahead so you can scour the net for good rates. 
We were greeted by gloomy skies over Sydney on our first day. But you have to admit, the Sydney Harbor is still undeniably a beautiful sight to behold. 
We dropped by the Food Market at The Rocks to get some grub. But we ended up eating our kebabs and hotdogs in a rush because the howling wind! 
 Pat wanted to beat the cold with some hot chocolate, luckily, we found the Guylian Cafe just around the corner! Their Belgian Hot Chocolate was divine!!!!
The mandatory OOTD photo, thanks Pat for indulging me. Hehehe 🙂 🙂 This bag from Liu-jo is my new favorite travel buddy, I can dump an entire family of 8 inside this bag! 
We made our way to Surry Hills for a light dinner and movie date at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar.  This is A MUST for couples!!! I actually just found this randomly while researching for unique things to do in the city. I’m so glad we booked our movie tickets in advance. We had some bar chow and Ginger Ale at the bar before the movie—and surprise, surprise a live band popped up out of nowhere so we were treated to a free show too! We watched the classic Warren Beaty film: BONNIE AND CLYDE (and got some free Magnum too!). 
The following day we met up with Sydney based friends Karla and Andrew. They took us to The Grounds of Alexandria, one of my ultimate favorite places in Sydney! According to the Broadsheet article, Headed up by creative entrepreneur Ramsey Choker and renowned coffee guru Jack Hanna, The Grounds is an innovative, sustainable specialty coffee outfit combining science, industrialism and organic gardens into one awe-inspiring space. Built into the remnants of a heritage-listed warehouse and spilling into an enormous courtyard and organic garden in Sydney’s west, The Grounds is both stunning and about as culturally indispensible as the harbour bridge, having once been the Four’N Twenty pie factory. Not to be overshadowed by the incredible standard of coffee, a tantalising food menu encompasses a wholesome, home-style selection of dishes, like the slow-roasted, pulled-pork sandwich with slaw and handmade pappardelle.Everything here was definitely Pinterest worthy! One day, someday, when Patrick and I finally move into an actual house—it will be inspired by The Grounds! hehehe!
Sweater by Suiteblanco, Jeans by Topshop and Boots by SNH Fashion
After early dinner at The Grounds, we took a short walk to one of the Hillsong branches in Sydney to attend their Sunday service. I’ve been to Hillsong New York, Paris and Brisbane—so this is the 4th one on my list. There’s always something so welcoming and homey about this church 🙂 
I’ll be sharing the rest of our Sydney photos soon!!! Stay tuned, folks 🙂

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