Tagaytay Getaway with TSO

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve had quite a backlog with my posts lately because of my recent trips—things have been mumbo-jumbo’d and I deeply apologize. But thanks for bearing with me and my chopseuy posts for now. 🙂 

Over a month ago, we decided to get the whole Thirty Six O family together for a mandatory family bonding session. Our TSO company works more like a family really, we’re a very small team and care for one another (and even tease/bully/joke) like siblings. These people are more than our employees really, these are people we love and consider everyday blessings. I posted some images via Instagram but decided to share more photos here today. 
For those who were asking earlier, we stayed in Hotel Kimberly. If you are a big group and are looking for an affordable but still comfortable place to stay in, I would highly recommend this hotel. We were a dozen in our group and they were able to accommodate us all very well. If I’m not mistaken, they have about 50 rooms in total so they can definitely house an entire company/baranggay/or all the guests of your wedding that is if you’re planning to get hitched in Tagaytay.

The couples and the boys had really nice double-sharing suites while the girls had a ton of fun in their family suite that can accommodate 4 persons at a time. The rooms are simple yet very clean and well maintained. The beds were really comfy—proof: I was going to swim but ended up snoozing all afternoon! Hehehe! We had a very nice view of the countryside from our suite, which is a big treat for Manilenos like me who are used to the smoke and smog of the city. 

It’s very easy to find, just a few minutes away from the main road of Tagaytay making it very accessible to the main attractions and restaurants in T-G-Y-T-Y. But in our case, we didn’t even bother to leave the hotel..hehehe! They have a lot of hangout spots within the property: a full service resto, massage services, a playground, a pool, and even a little zoo with happy farm animals—you won’t get bored at all 🙂 Just bring chips and chocolates and you’re pretty much set. A big shout out to the wonderful staff of Hotel Kimberly for being so kind to Team Thirty Six O 🙂 🙂
I’m glad we spent the night in Hotel Kimberly with the entire team. It was close enough to drive (just about 45 minutes away from Manila on a traffic free day) but far enough to pull us out of the hustle and bustle of the city. After checking out, we met up with our favorite Singaporean friends for brunch at Bag of Beans. Then we all drove back to Manila—and got back to work in the afternoon! Yes, this fun loving bunch is a HARD WORKING one too!!! To our TSO family, thank you for being so dedicated and committed to this company. We love you guys!!! Looking forward to our next bonding session 🙂 🙂 Hopefully, we can do this more often 🙂

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