Tagaytay Weekender

Finally sharing a few snaps of our weekend getaway in Tagaytay hosted by BUTTERFLY TWISTS 🙂 The BT team did such an amazing job of creating such a relaxing itinerary for the Baby Barangay—complete with activities for the kids, craft therapy for the mommies, a full massage for the mommies overlooking a spectacular view at Qi Wellness, a romantic dinner for the couples at Antonios (my favorite!!!) and lots of free time in between to just enjoy time with our babies!

Throughout the weekend, we were given the opportunity to test our Butterfly Twist pairs while doing all the activities. We got them straight from their boxes, fresh and unused. And so I was expecting an adjustment period, which is a given for most shoes. But surprisingly enough, we didn’t have to break them in—they fit so snuggly and remained comfortable throughout the day. 🙂 🙂 Be sure to follow @BTwistsPH on Instagram to check out their latest collection! Thanks again to the team for taking good care of the mamas, papas and babies in Tagaytay!

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