Take Three at Taza Fresh Table

I still can’t believe it’s been exactly one year since Theo’s intimate dedication. I decided to post a throwback video to show how much love filled the place on that sunny Sunday afternoon. You can also click HERE to see more photos from our little celebration 🙂

And now we are back in 2017… Just last week, my folks and I decided to have lunch in TAZA FRESH TABLE—again! This has been my 3rd dining experience in Taza and I’m happy to report that Chef Jayme left us dreaming of our 4th visit already. Always so thoughtful and innovative, Chef Jayme is certainly a gem in the culinary industry and Taal Vista is definitely lucky to have him. They have a special summer menu that you guys should definitely try from now until June 2017! Here’s a quick run through of my top picks and if you scroll further, you’ll see more photos too.

Smoked Squash Soup With sourdough croutons and yogurt

Chef started with a bang with this soup. I’ve had Squash soup maybe 100x in different restaurants around the world, but this has got to be the most memorable. Smoked to perfection—this made my tummy feel so warm and cozy.

Avocado & Mango Salad With Arugula, Tomatoes, Onions, Ricotta, Wheat Grass, Micro greens, Lemon and EVOO

After the warm soup, this refreshing salad with a light dressing sets the mood for the rest of the meal. It’s a simple but satisfying starter for an elaborate summer feast.

Potato Gnocchi Homemade, with Tomatoes, Basil and Local Mozzarella

A hit for the kids for sure. This Potato Gnocchi appeals to kids of all ages! The fresh basil adds just the right kick.

Quinoa Paella With Shrimps, Chicken, Prawns, Squid, Snapper, & Chorizo

This was the solid winner for ALL of us! This is the dish of the season! Theo couldn’t get enough of this couscous-quinoa paella, he kept saying “More! Yummy! Yummy!”. A healthier alternative to the traditional paella—but still bold and rich in flavor. Even the most un-health conscious person in your family will be fooled, hahaha.

Grilled Fish Fillet Maya-Maya With warm spinach Salad, potatoes, olives and tomatoes

This is perfect for Lent and for those who want to keep it light for bikini season. The Maya-Maya was perfectly seasoned! My mom especially loved this dish.

Grilled Hanger Steak Marinated in Salsa Verde with Potatoes, and Haricot Verts

If you’re a red meat lover like me then this would be something I would highly recommend. Paired with the Paella, you will have a really filling combo for lunch. The Salsa Verde smeared over the meat gives it a nice break for the palette.

COCONUT CUSTARD PIE Fresh and desiccated coconut infused custard, crème fraiche ice cream

Think the filling Pan De Coco elevated by 10,000 levels! It’s like a Parisian’s version of a proper coconut pie. Sophisticated but with familiar notes that will bring you back to Tagaytay.

Thanks again so much to Taal Vista Hotel and Taza Fresh Table! It’s always, always a pleasure dining here. Truly one of my favorites in the whole of Tagaytay 🙂 Visit www.taalvistahotel.com to make reservations.

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