Exactly a year ago, we were invited to have a staycation at Discovery Primea. It was our very first staycation as a family and as new parents to a then 2 month old (sleep deprived and very tired), it was definitely the big break we desperately needed. And it was during that overnighter that we discovered TAPENADE. Aside from the luxurious digs of the hotel, our meals at the Tapenade made our stay even more remarkable. And as a foodie family, that’s a HUGE bonus for us. The formula for a perfect staycation—is when the family is well-rested and well-fed! Hahaha! You could be well-rested but NOT well-fed and that would spell disaster in my book. And by well-fed I don’t mean just stuffing your bellies for the sake of it, t’s about having a fully satisfying dining experience from start to finish that will make you say “Now that was a good meal!”.

The Tapenade likes to keep their loyal customers happy by introducing new entrees from time to time. They still have the crowd favorites in place like their Stone Baked Feta, Salumi Pizza, US Rib Eye and Bisteca Fiorentina, etc. but it’s nice to see some new additions in their menu.

Last week, Patrick and I (along with our friends Nikki and BJ Albert) were tasked to become the guinea pigs of the Chef! They invited us to test the new menu before it’s big debut this weekend and of course we said YES YES YES!!! (I LOVE MY JOB!!!! THANK YOU LORD!) Armed with my stretchy pants and top, I was set to conquer the table. I was also decked in black—my slimming strategy to hide the post-lamon bulges. Sorry, not sorry. Hahahaha! The spread was spectacular, all instagram worthy in presentation but all so satisfying! It’s one thing to look good but to actually taste GOOD, then that’s the challenge right there—and Chef Luis, Chef David and the F&B team nailed it. Now I’ll quit yapping and just show you some photos to drool over.

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We tried all the items above (now you understand the need for stretchy pants) and all were DELICIOUS. ALL. No exaggeration here. But if you must ask what were my favorites, here you go!

  1. Chicken Wings Alla Diavola – This was a hit with the men! The perfect pica-pica for the guys while waiting for their mains to arrive. The Mint Yogurt Dip complimented the kick of the wings.
  2. Fritto Misto- This one was my personal favorite. I can see this becoming a winner for the kids too! All your favorite fresh seafoods with a light batter, fried to perfection without that greasy aftertaste in your mouth.
  3. Crab Meat Lasagna- AHHHH!!!! Heaven in a casserole! If you’re allergic to crabs, then I only feel truly sorry for you because you are definitely missing out. This one was really delicious and filing.
  4. Goat Cheese and Scallion Ravioli- For the vegetarians (or for those who want to steer clear of meats), this is an excellent choice for you. Be sure to include a health spread of the Olive Tapenade in each bite!
  5. Pizza Vongole All Originata – I love, love, love Vongole pasta! But this was a fresh new take on the Italian favorite—Vongole on Pizza! My first time to try it and I loved it! And they have mastered the art of pizza making—their crust was divine.
  6. Pizza Picante Dolce – You get the marriage of spicy salami and sweet honey in each bite! Oddly enough, it works so well together. This one was another hit for Patrick!
  7. Whole Roasted Chicken – Such a stunning dish–you’ll just want to take photos from every angle! This is perfect for sharing with the whole family 🙂
  8. Moist Orange And Almond Cake – Chocolate, Orange and Almonds all come together to form this well-balanced dessert. Nothing too overpowering, light and tart at the same time.
  9. Butterscotch Budino – Goodbye Diet! Get ready for a full indulgence with this one. Those sesame cookies are still haunting me right now. So good!
  10. The Tapenade Signature Welcome Drink- A ginger ale concoction that comes in a pretty purple form, be sure to order this as soon as you arrive.

My only regret: not having the culinary vocabulary of a Food Blogger! How I wish I could describe each dish in a more flowery tone. Hahaha! But from one happy foodie to another, I’m sure you catch my drift. 🙂

p1630248p1630243 p1630244 p1630254 p1630277 p1630290 p1630292 p1630273 p1630302 p1630308 p1630309 p1630295 p1630325 p1630329 p1630342 p1630311p1630346p1630336 p1630349 p1630310p1630360p1630353This Mediterranean inspired restaurant is perfect for family gatherings, casual business engagements and barkada meet ups. With the holidays coming up, I highly recommend this restaurant for all your Christmas get togethers. Since Discovery Primea is so well located, it’s the perfect base in the heart of the metro. It’s a beautiful yet relaxed setting for long talks and catching up 🙂 Make your reservations by logging on to : http://www.discoveryprimea.com/bars-restaurants/tapenade/.

Thanks again to GM David Pardo de Ayala and Ms. Mildred Amon for hosting us for lunch! Aside from the glorious food, we really enjoyed the company too. And to Chef Luis, bravo on the new menu 🙂 🙂

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