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Okay, so we’re that kind of couple. You know, we belong to the painfully annoying and cheesy types who actually celebrate all these random occasions. Fine, I take full responsibility. Patrick is just your average guy’s guy who could care less—but he just indulges me because I’m all for celebrating little and big milestones. Ako na ang baduy. Mahal lang talaga ako ng asawa ko. He just gives into my whims because he knows it makes me happy! And it really does! Hehehe 🙂 So this weekend we made plans for Tagaytay because it marked our 4 years of being together as a couple. So yes, it wasn’t really our wedding anniversary (which is in November) but our BF-GF anniversary (badddduuuuyyyyy!). Truth be told though, we could really make up any random excuse just to justify a staycation at Taal Vista Hotel (as you can tell by now, it’s clearly one of our favorites!!!). It was also the perfect opportunity to finally try the much buzzed about TAZA FRESH TABLE, which just recently opened in the hotel grounds. Big thanks to Sir Walid, Sir Neil, Ma’am Zenaida and of course to our fave, Celine for making all the arrangements for us and for making Taal Vista feel like our Tagaytay home. 🙂 🙂

Tāza is the Arabic word for fresh. It means newly harvested/freshly cooked which is exactly what you get when you dine here. Tāza Fresh Table redefines comfort food with innovative international cuisine using only the finest ingredients from the best known sources. Taal Vista’s tall and super friendly Egyptian GM, Mr. Walid, told us about the story behind the name”Taza” and it made so much sense. He shared how this word really hits close to home and how it perfectly captures what this restaurant is all about: GOOD Food made with FRESH ingredients 🙂

Chef Jayme Natividad is the captain of this farm-to-table ship and Patrick and I are now FANS. We enjoyed our dining experience so much we were already making plans in our head for the next time, I guess that’s the best gauge! If you’re already excited for your next visit—while currently eating—then that only goes to show that the food is really spectacular! Here are some photos from our Taza food trip 🙂


For starters we ordered the Mezze Platter. You can choose 4 items from their list and it comes with a generous serving of warm pita bread. We chose the Hummus (perfectly seasoned!), Chorizo and Garlic (for the meat lovers), Bouquerones (this came as a surprise! No fishy after taste at all. You have to try this), Spinach with Bacon Jam (this was another favorite of mine–packed with all that healthy spinach too!).


I really love the interiors of this restaurant!

One of their best sellers, the Kale Salad comes with organic kale, red onion, beets, cherry tomatoes, cashews, Pato queso de bola, and Tagaytay pineapple-dalandan vinaigrette. It’s a colorful salad packed with nutrients!

As the GM of Taal Vista, Mr. Walid, puts it “Chef Jayme is really an artist.” and I couldn’t agree more. His menu is thoughtful, well-planned, and creative! His down-to-earth demeanor also puts all his diners at ease, you could tell that there’s nothing pretentious or flamboyant about his cooking philosophy. He just loves to bring happiness to each table. Mission accomplished Chef, these two foodies were HAPPY indeed!IMG_4515P1290674

Another healthy and tasty treat is this Spinach and Kale Soup.


Forever my boyfriend 🙂
P1290711 P1290677

Our faces are a bit blurry in this one—but it’s all good, the camera rightfully focused on the FOOD! Hahaha!


The busy kitchen of Taza.P1290678

Mushroom and Spinach Matagliati, I loved this pasta dish so much!!!!! Ang sarap, sarap! The sauce seamlessly complemented the spinach and mushrooms and the pasta was cooked to perfection. If you’re a vegetarian or trying to wean off meat, this is a great option for you 🙂


But THE CHAMPION dish, the DISH that deserves a GOLDEN STAR would have to be—-drumroll please—The Tomahawk Porkchops with Cauliflower Mash, Caramelized Onions and Bananas. I urge you to ditch that diet of yours and just indulge on this bad boy! I must warn you though, this comes in a HUGE plate so be sure you have someone to share this dish with.


Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with Queso De Bola Ice Cream. DIVINE.P1290755Olive Oil Ice Cream with Glazed Tagaytay Pineapples. Sweet and Simple in a “I want to marry you” kind of way!!! I’ll be back for youuuuuu!P1290761

Thanks Chef for preparing this anniversary spread for us. How sweeeeeeet, indeed!!!

Celebrating our 4 years of dating. Hihihi. How cheesy.

Thank goodness we planned this weekend staycation at Taal Vista Hotel. After our hearty and heavy lunch at TAZA, we were so stuffed all we could think of was hitting the sack to nap! So from Taza we checked into our super spacious suite and had the most relaxing afternoon nap!!! P1290776

The bed that was calling out to us. I took one quick photo just for blogging purposes and made the bed my home.P1290786

Awww, we were greeted by even more Anniversary treats from the Taal Vista Hotel staff. P1290789

The fresh air, lush greens, and cool climate in Taal Vista Hotel always do wonders for my body and mind. We really love staying here!P1290773

I happily snoozed throughout the afternoon but Patrick only had about a 30 minute nap because he had to finish an edit project that weekend. My poor darling is always working non-stop, it’s project after project after project for him! He doesn’t even know what a weekend looks like. Hehehe! It’s a good problem of course, we know we are very blessed to have the trust of all these clients 🙂 I woke up from my nap, turned to my side and saw Patrick slaving away on his laptop. When he saw me awake, he took a little break to watch an episode of Scandal with me, hehehe. After Scandal, we looked to each other and said “Let’s do dinner in TAZA again!!!!” We’ve turned into TAZA addicts! Hahahaha!

Taza looks bright and airy during the day and transforms into a romantic little nook at night. When we entered Taza at 7pm, the waiters were all smiling at us “Good to have you back Ma’am and Sir!” Hahahaha! I’m sure they were thinking to themselves “Uyyyy, sobrang nasarapan kayo sa pagkain namin noh!? Lunch tapos natulog tapos gumising lang para kumain ulit!” Hahahaha 🙂

Facade1 high

We were eyeing this on the menu over lunch but our stomachs could only accommodate so much, hehe. So as soon as we decided to have dinner at Taza as well, Patrick exclaimed “I’m getting that Rib Eye!!!”. This Bukidnon Wagyu steak was mind blowing. A must for meat lovers.P1290819

Admittedly, I’m not much of duck lover. There’s just something about the texture or after taste that puts me off. But this dish changed my mind. Ang sarap!!! This Duck and Mushroom Lasagna is a must-order!P1290809

Refreshing coolers: House Blend Iced Tea with Pandan and Pineapple Shake.P1290803

Iloilo Prawns, giant in size and flavor.P1290811

The romantic evening backdrop at Taal Vista Hotel.

I want that CANNOLI now!!!! Crispy on the outside and bursting with ooeey-gooey Ube and Langka goodness on the inside. Just like our lunch, our dinner experience was nothing short of spectacular. Happy tummies, check!tazaThank you again to TAZA Fresh Table and TAAL VISTA HOTEL 🙂 Visit www.taalvistahotel.com for reservations.

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  1. Nice place and ang galing magtago ng bump! Di talaga masyadong nagpapakita. It can only be seen sa face mo 🙂

    The resto looks nice and a perfect place for couples who would want to unwind. I hope I can convince my husband to try it out soon! 🙂

  2. The place looks so intimate and romantic.Your pictures made me hungry.I need to check this place soon.Must order the Bukidnon Wagyu steak and Duck and Mushroom Lasagna.

    Ms.Patty,May I ask what camera did you use for this entry?

  3. Can totally relate with the random excuse to visit a favourite place. 🙂 I’m very fond of Tagaytay even if I’ve already been to the same place several times, like Sonya’s Garden. I also enjoyed our stay in Taal Vista Hotel and now this post makes me pack my overnight bag and relive memories in that place and try out the new restaurant. 🙂

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