Teacher Patty’s Summer Party

Every year, I celebrate my birthday with my favorite little people in town—my former students from Kinder Care!:) For the past few years I’ve been having pool parties with them so this year I decided to do something different but still keep it within the whole “Summer Theme”. So I teamed up with THE WHITE HAT for a fun, yogurt party with my kids. It’s been scorching hot in the metro lately (crazy migraine inducing heat!!!) so cooling down with a tub of frozen yogurt seemed like the perfect idea! I was right, it was a total smash hit! 
We invaded the entire store and made The White Hat in Fully Booked our headquarters for the afternoon. The kids immediately felt right at home thanks to the friendly and accommodating servers who helped them create their dream yogurt concoctions! There was definitely an influx of ooooohsss and aaahhhs over all the yummy and colorful toppings–from candy sprinkles to mini marshmallows, from red velvet cupcake bits to my favorite chocnut! My “takaw- monster” students had several servings of yogurt each (mana sa teacher???) and also devoured the waffles. The health conscious mommies were also able to enjoy some healthier fruity alternatives like fresh mangoes, strawberries, peaches, kiwi and blueberries.  Since it’s delicious 98% Fat Free Yogurt, The White Hat is actually a healthy snack and dessert choice for both kids and parents to enjoy!
I’m so glad I was able to gather my troops yesterday. They’re all in grade school now and several inches taller than when I last saw them. I used to potty train these kids and wipe their snot for years and now they’re all grown up and teaching me how to count in Chinese! It’s amazing to see how kids grow up so fast! In a few years they’ll be too cool to hang out with their oldie b’ goldie Teacher Patty, kaya sinusulit ko na talaga! I’m forcing them to party with me as much as I can. Although I enjoy my new job as a college instructor in Ateneo, I still miss teaching preschool and just being around young kids! Children are the funniest little people and their positive energy is contagious! Hopefully in a few years I’ll be able to work with toddlers and preschoolers again 🙂 So happy I was able to celebrate my birthday at The White Hat with these little guys yesterday! My darling students, I love youuuuu all 🙂 🙂
Special thanks to Mr. Eric Chao and the super friendly staff of 
The White Hat in Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street!
Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE to discover all their new products!!! I love, love, love their waffles! 

10 Responses to Teacher Patty’s Summer Party

  1. I used to be a gradeschool teacher. Best job in the world, next to being a writer. My 2nd graders are now moving up to highschool and my 6th graders will be starting college this June… Time flies sooo fast… I know they’ll eventually forget me, but I won’t be forgetting them at all… 🙂

  2. Hi Patty. Happy birthday! Sorry for the frivolous question but I love the belt you were wearig with the yellow dress. San mo nabili? Thank you!