Team Rocco

Possibly one of the most anticipated baby arrivals (well, next toBeyonce’s baby..and Baby Jesus) would be that of Rocco Gonzales. To prep the family for Rocco’s grand debut, we had a little baby shower for Anne and Dre last weekend. Incidently, Rocco just happens to be my favorite boy name.. it means BATTLE CRY plus it sounds like ROCK which is perfect for a little man!:) Maybe our baby will be called Rocco 7.1, parang Microsoft upgrade lang diba? Kudos to the girlfriends of Anne who did such an awesome job in coming up with fun and crazy baby games like: Pin the Sperm on The Egg, Guess the Celebrity Baby, and my favorite Chocolate Poop Guessing Game. And of course, we won as overall champions!!! I always take parlor games seriously..competitive talaga ako even during kiddie parties. Lalo na sa pabitin! Yari kayong lahat sa kin..especially you cheating yayas carrying your infant alagas, instantly giving them an edge over the rest of the kiddies!! I’m watching youuuuuu like a hawk! And you little girl, ano akala mo..madadala ako sa beautiful eyes mo?? Excuse me…You see this?? That’s what you call FOCUS. PS Cuteness is sooooo 2011. Mwahahaha!:) 

2 Responses to Team Rocco

  1. Thanks so much patty for featuring this on your blog! Love ya 🙂 Glad you had fun! Hands down, the chocolate queen of all time! hahaha!